FamilyMart Announces Official Opening Dates For Penang Outlets On 30th July & 8th August


Happy Monday foodies! In the blink of an eye, we’ll be bidding July a farewell and giving August a warm welcome. If this isn’t some good news, then we have just the right news to keep you going. FamilyMart has just dropped the long-awaited official opening dates for the outlets in Penang. Are you guys ready?

We Have The Official Dates For FamilyMart Opening!

Just last week, FamilyMart has announced that they are indeed opening outlets in Penang. And, instead of 1, they will be opening 2! So, it was an announcement that served to confirm all the wide-spread rumours. Today, to take the excitement to a whole new level, the dates are even set!

As for the location of the outlets, it was rumoured to be in Karpal Singh Drive while the other would probably be in Auto City. It’s a smart move because for fellow foodies over in Mainland, there’s no need to cross the bridge just to get some dose of Sofuto or Oden!

FamilyMart Penang
Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)
FamilyMart Penang
Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

Now, on to the best part, are you guys ready for the dates? According to a post on their official Facebook page, a photo of the Penang map was posted together with the set dates! The island outlet will be opening on 30th July (Thursday) while the one in AutoCity will open on 8th August (Friday).

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

How excited are you guys for this? We certainly cannot wait to feast on some Sofuto and Oden! Bye!

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