This Delivery Abang Left A Sweet Comment On Customer’s Package & It’s So Heartwarming

Who do we look forward to seeing these days? The answer is no doubt our delivery abang. Imagine life without them, we won’t be able to receive our online purchases and that’s blasphemy, especially during this lockdown. The downside of online shopping is, sometimes we’ll receive broken goods, even with a fragile sticker slapped on them. This bakery in Negeri Sembilan decided to leave a cute note for delivery abang to handle its package with care, and what the abang responded was so sweet yet heartwarming.

J&T Delivery Abang Responded Customer’s Remark With A Sweet Comment:

Photo: Fochew Mall (Website)

If you’re a seller dealing with fragile products, you might understand the fear of customers receiving broken goods. This is unavoidable, even with extra bubble wrap, and solid box packaging. Instead of slapping a fragile sticker, Hafu Bakery went the extra mile and left a cute note for its delivery abang.

Photo: Hafu Bakery (Facebook)

A few days ago the bakery in Negeri Sembilan sent a box of cookies to its customer residing in Penang. On the package, they left a note for the J&T delivery abang that writes:

“From flour I became cookies, please don’t turn me back into flour. Love you abang *love emoji*.”

Cross-state delivery is risky enough, let alone cookies, which are way more fragile than glass items. What the customer received next surprised us. The J&T delivery abang took the note seriously and left a sweet comment on the package “Noted sayang. I love you too.”

Photo: Hafu Bakery (Facebook)

Guess what? The customer received the box of cookies with tiny little damage! How sweet is the J&T abang? Imagine receiving a package with such quirky and sweet notes from both seller and courier service, that would definitely brighten up our day.

Shoutout to Delivery Abang:

To all the delivery abang out there, thank you for your hard work. You guys brace through the storm just to deliver our package, even during weekends. Foodies, we want to hear from you! Share with us your most memorable encounter with your delivery abang in the comments. That’s all, take care and stay safe!

Source: Hafu Bakery 

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