Relaxed Dine-In SOP: Malaysian Restaurateurs Share Their Thoughts

For states under Phase 2 and 3 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) in Malaysia, several relaxations were announced including the green light for dine-in. However, these SOPs are only for fully vaccinated individuals. Penang is currently in Phase 2 and here is what a restaurant owner and manager in Malaysia have to say about dine-in amidst our battle with the pandemic.

Yes Or No To Relaxed Dine-In SOPs In Malaysia?

Ever since this relaxation was announced, there are still several eateries in Penang that have opted to offer only takeaways or delivery. Of course, there are always two sides to a coin whereby a small number of restaurants have indeed opened their doors to diners.

Malaysia Dine-In Phase 2

Foodie Canteen sat down with 2 restaurateurs, Jeremy Teoh from Urban Daybreak and Michelle Lim from MyLaksa to listen to their thoughts on this. Urban Daybreak is now open for dine-in over the weekend while MyLaksa remains closed for dine-in at the moment.

According to Jeremy, the decision to open for dine-in is a way back to normality. However, they are still cautious and careful about this and have decided to operate at only 20% capacity.

Jeremy Teoh, owner of Urban Daybreak

Urban Daybreak would have its Penang employees fully vaccinated by the first week of September. “The fear is still here, but we have to encourage Malaysians to live a life back to normal once again”, said Jeremy.

Malaysia Dine-In Phase 2

Photo: @urbandaybreak (Instagram)

On the other hand, Michelle mentioned that MyLaksa has yet to accept dine-ins. This is because their main priority is in ensuring their employees are fully vaccinated.

Michelle Lim, Marketing Manager at MyLaksa

“In this pandemic, all it takes is one person to create a new cluster, we are not experiencing it and we certainly do not hope to experience this”, mentioned Michelle.

Share With Us Your Thoughts On This!

What do you think of this relaxed dine-in SOP? Are you with Urban Daybreak or with MyLaksa? Let us know in the comments below!

Listen to Jeremy and Michelle share their thoughts on the Recess podcast by Foodie Canteen here:

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