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The First Container Pop-Up Concept Mall Is Opening In Penang

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In case you missed out, the space next to Starbucks Drive Thru located at Tanjong Tokong has been under renovation quite sometime now. According to an internal sauce, the Instagrammable CUBOPARK Will Be Opening In December! The space, CUBOPARK, is Penang’s very first pop-up mall concept and it is the following the footsteps of many Western countries, such as New Zealand. Excited!

Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)

CUBOPARK Will Be Opening In December!

Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)

Previously, the space was a nightclub and hotel and it exudes the similar vibe with a Western motel with a low building and a long hallway. If you are wondering what is it going to be like now, well, it is a mixture of container lots and main building. The 80,000 square feet space will be housing food, culture, and art stuff! That’s right, it has a similar style with Hin Bus Depot in Georgetown!

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The new space uses recycled items creatively, it definitely screams organic, and raw! As you can imagine, there will be cafes, food stalls, and retails comprising of creative shop tenants. Extra! As CUBOPARK focuses on art, there will be performances, exhibitions, and workshops! Yay! It will be a space for local talents such as musicians, comedians, artists, and craftsmen to gather together.

So, Why Is It Instagrammable?

Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)
Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)

First and foremost, there’s a Jellyfish Garden. You read that correctly. No worries, there are no actual jellyfish that was harmed in the process of making the garden. The Jellyfish Garden is a long pole with a round top with leaves falling downwards! It’s a mixture of urban, and nature. This is followed by a lot of flowers, and plants scattered around the courtyard of the pop-up mall.

Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)
Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)

Coming up next, their do-it-yourself fences! The fences are made with different recycled materials such as wooden, and zinc panels, giving it a pop of colour, and texture. It will be a wonderful backdrop for your outfit of the day, right? And, it is not just the fences, it is everywhere! Recycled items are used everywhere to give the entire space an edgy feel!

Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)
Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)

Alright, next! Containers, of course! It is going to be the first container space in Penang for the public, and you might as well take this opportunity to take a photograph with it. The containers are open with glass doors with dark panels. Find a cute retail shop and snap right in front of it! A bonus is that there is actually an open second floor that oversees Tanjong Tokong.

Instagrammable CUBOPARK Will Be Opening In December!

Photo: CUBOPARK (Facebook)

Check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram to make your calendars because Instagrammable CUBOPARK Will Be Opening In December!

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💻 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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