Reminder: Coffee Shops Around Nation Are Advised To Obey The New Norm

For everyone's safety

It has been approximately two months since eateries are allowed to accept dine-in customers. However, over time we are starting to take things lightly. Now with the rise of Covid-19 cases this month, it is time to reinforce our defenses, my friends.

Sivangga Cluster Is A Wake Up Call For All

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According to The Star, around 20,000 coffee shop operators around the nation are reminded to obey Covid-19 regulations. Especially after knowing that the restaurant responsible for the Sivangga cluster outbreak might be sued for RM1mil. This definitely serves as a wake-up call to the rest of us.

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Said by Malaysia Singapore Coffeeshop Proprietors’ General Association (MSCPGA) president Datuk Ho Su Mong, “We hope this case will set an example for all to be careful and be thoughtful of others, ” As of now, the restaurant has since been responsible for some 45 infections in Kedah, Perlis, and Penang.

Please Remain Vigilant

Some of us may have gotten a little bit too carried away with our current “freedom”. During a time like this, we need to remind each other the importance of being careful. Here’s a quick reminder of how coffee shops and restaurants should prepare for dine-in customers:

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  1. Record every staff’s body temperature before clocking in.
  2. Make sure that every customer “Check-in” your premise using the MySejahtera App.
  3. Arrange each table with 2 meters of distance.
  4. Each table can only accommodate up to 4 customers.
  5. The premise should clearly state the number of customers that can be accepted at a time.
  6. Make sure to provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer or hand soap.
  7. The usage of biodegradable utensils are very much advised.
  8. Use cleaning liquids that contain sodium hypochlorite to clean cooking tools.
  9. Do not allow customers that wear a pink bracelet to dine in and report it to the nearest authority.
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We Are Responsible For Each Other

Meanwhile, although it is true that the shop owners should be a lot more vigilant, as a member of this community, everyone is responsible for each other. Avoid unnecessary contact and follow the new norm rules properly. Stay safe friends!

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