CMCO Announced on All States in Peninsular Malaysia Except Perlis, Pahang and Kelantan

Foodies, we have news. The government has just announced a month-long CMCO on all states in Peninsular Malaysia except for Perlis, Pahang and Kelantan. The announcement was made in a press conference earlier today.

CMCO to Enforce on All States in Peninsular Malaysia Except Perlis, Pahang and Kelantan:

Photo: Reuters

In a press conference earlier today, Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that CMCO will be enforced on all states in Peninsular Malaysia, except for Perlis, Pahang and Kelantan. This is due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the states.

Photo: Reuters

CMCO will take effect from 9 November 2020 to 6 December 2020, four weeks long to be exact. We know it’s a little sudden and we’re still digesting the news, but as a Malaysian, it’s our duty to comply to the SOP.

That being said, take good care of your safety and health. Practice safe hygience and social distancing, and please, do not hog supplies in the supermarket. Let us all be responbile, good citizens shall we?

We’ll try to keep you guys updated with the news. In the meantime, stay home, and let us all do our part in flattening the curve. Also, stay alert on the PM’s speech at 8:30 p.m. tonight. That’s all, buh bye!

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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