CM Chow Kon Yeow Announced RM75 million Aid Package for Penangites


  • Penang Chief Minister has announced a RM75 million aid package for hawkers, traders, taxi drivers, trishaw riders, the disabled and B40 groups.
  • There are 16 items in the state’s aid package that included one-off cash payouts and rental exemptions.
  • Registration for the one-off payment for hawkers and traders will start on April 15.
  • Covid-19 patients, their families, and frontline workers will also be aided.

Foodies, how are you? In view of Covid-19, the government has enforced Movement Restriction Order (MRO), urging the public to stay home until 14th of April to help flatten the curve. Many sectors and businesses are highly affected, especially economy wise.

Penang announced rm75 mil to vulnerable groups
Facebook: Penang Lawan Covid-19

Thus, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow has announced a RM75 million aid package to the vulnerable groups. Such package contains 16 items, including one-off cash payouts and rental exemptions, which will benefit around 410,000 people. Continue reading to find out about the details.

Who Are Considered in The Vulnerable Groups:

Penang announced rm75 mil to vulnerable groups
Facebook: Penang Lawan Covid-19

Hawkers & Traders

A one-off payment of RM500 to all licensed hawkers and traders in the state. This will benefit 14,012 hawkers and traders, including those who sell at night markets, farmers market and food trucks which involves a total cost of RM7 million.

Registration for the one-off payment for hawkers and traders will start on April 15.

Registered Tour Guides

Another severely affected sector, all registered tour guides will receive a one-off payment of RM500 to ease the burden. This will benefit 1,367 tour guides in the state and cost the state RM685,000.

Aid Recipients Who are Registered Under Welfare Department

Registered recipients, including the disabled and recipients of the Agenda Ekonomi Saksama will receive a one-off payment of RM500. The payment will be made directly into their accounts in April.

Taxi Drivers & Trishaw Riders

Taxi drivers and trishaw riders will each receive their annual RM300 incentive earlier this year, in April, and they will also get a one-off additional payout of RM200 this year.

E-hailing Drivers

Penang Chief Minister did not leave out e-hailing drivers as he understands the circumstances they’re facing. About 10,000 drivers in Penang will each receive a RM300 one-off payment.

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Less Fortunate Muslims

Zakat Pulau Pinang has allocated RM3 million for the less fortunate Muslims while the Penang Islamic Affairs Department will be giving a RM1,000 one-off payment to all mosques and RM500 one-off payment to all surau to facilitate maintenance, cleaning and disinfection works in these premises.

Covid-19 Patients

The Penang state government is giving out a RM500 one-off payment to those who are tested positive for Covid-19. RM1000 will also be given to the affected families.

Frontline Workers

Besides the patients, a special one-off incentives of RM300 will be given to all frontline workers. This includes those working in the city councils, government agencies and departments, including the enforcement teams, police, armed forces, civil defense and Real.

Other Efforts Announced by Penang Chief Minister:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Penang state government has also allocated RM10 million to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, hand sanitisers and infra-red thermometers.

Rental Exemption

The state government will also exempt two months’ rental in April and May for all Rumah Sewa Kerajaan Negeri and Project Perumahan Rakyat tenants. City councils have also exempted the April rental for a total 10,999 business premises in the state.

Furthermore, all Village Community Management Council is not allowed to collect rental for all night markets and wet markets for the month of April.

Interest-free Loan Scheme

Also known as Penang Business Continuity Zero Interest Loan, this is to help businesses to weather through this time and continue with their business. The loan is available to entrepreneurs, which can apply for loans up to RM5,000 and small-medium industries that can apply for loans up to RM10,000 each.

Applicants will be given six months before they start repayment of the interest-free loan.

The state government has also extended the final date for payment of quit rent from May 31 to August 30. Payment for the government’s rent-to-own schemes, Skim Pinjaman Harapan, Tabung Usahawan Tani and Pinjaman Penuntut is given a three-month moratorium.

A long read indeed, but super informative and important. Help us spread the good news, especially to those who don’t have the privilege of surfing the Internet. Please do not spread fake news, stay home, and stay safe. Buh bye!

Source: The Star Online


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