Classic Fine Foods Malaysia NEW Hub In Penang

Classic Fine Foods Malaysia, owned by METRO Group, was created in 2001 and has become one of the leading distributors of high-quality fine foods and products to the best restaurants, hotels, cafés and catering establishments across the country, as well as the most prestigious department stores.


Classic Fine Foods Malaysia

Partnering with brands and businesses that are passionate about food and beverage, Classic Fine Foods provide exceptional, unique gourmet products to Cuisine, Barista and Pastry Chefs alike. Classic Fine Foods is proud to deliver on demand, the highest quality fresh, frozen, ambient and pastry products, enabling the creation of F&B menus and recipes that excite the most demanding god tastes such as Caviar, Truffles, Wagyu Beed, Diary Products, Grand Cru Chocolates, Coffee Products, Fruit Purees, Pastry Decoration and more.

Today, they continue to maintain their hallmarks of quality, service and integrity.

New Hub In Penang: Unique Moments Of Celebration, 20th October 2022

To celebrate its New Hub Opening in Penang, Classic Fine Foods Malaysia has launched a product tasting, showcase, and evening cocktail party on 20th October 2022, at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Penang. Inviting its customers and chefs from hotels, restaurants, cafes and retail to joining the opening celebrations.

Classic Fine Foods Group CEO, Jens Michel; Group CFO, Asad Omar; General Manager of Classic Fine Foods Malaysia Nicolas Le Toumelin and Partners from Giffard, Cinq Degres Ouest, Bellorr, Bridor, Ponthier, St Michel and XO Ice joined the party too.


This extraordinary showcase allows guests to explore and taste the products of Classic Fine Foods’ Partners from all over the world, including:

Cocktails with Giffard Syrup, live mixing & making by Giffard West Cup 2022 Asia Champion, Mixologist Koh Yung Shen.

Classic Fine Foods Penang


Cheese tasting counter with cheeses from France, Thomas Export, Le Beurre Bordier; That’s Amore from Australia and Avonmore from Ireland.

Classic Fine Foods Penang

Fresh vegetables and seafood from Rungis.


Classic Fine Foods Penang

Live carving & tasting of Stanbroke’s Wagyu and Angus Tomahawk, from Australia.

Live shucking & tasting of Les Jardins Ostréicoles de Tatihou’s Green and Geay Fine De Claire Oyster, from France.


Tasting of Bellorr’s Truffles, from France.

Tasting of Kaviaro’s Caviar and Salmon Roe, from France.

Classic Fine Foods Penang

Tasting of Bridor’s Breads, Viennoiseries and Macarons, from France.

Tasting of Lescure’s Unsalted & Salted Butter, from France.

Classic Fine Foods Penang

Tasting of Valrhona’s Chocolate Couverture and Sosa Ingredients’ Fruits Crispies, from France.

Tasting of Ponthier’s Fruit Purees, and showcasing PCB Creation’s pastry decoration items, from France.

Tasting of St Michel’s Madeleines, from France.

Tasting of XO Ice’s Ice Cream, from Italy.

Lion Dance & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Penang Office

Prior to the cocktail party, a simple Lion Dance & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was taken place at Classic Fine Foods Penang Office in the afternoon, on the same day.

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Source: Adapted from Press Release

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