This Hidden Japanese Restaurant In Penang Is Tucked Inside A Glasshouse Surrounded By Lush Greenery

From time to time, we crave some sushi or ramen while we’re out with our friends. If you and your tomodachi (‘friend’ in Japanese) are down to try out a new Japanese spot, then you should take a look at Hanzo Japanese Restaurant! This is a hidden garden restaurant in Penang that serves casual Japanese food and its venue is suitable for any gathering, be it a friends’ hangout or study date.


Hanzo Japanese Restaurant: A Hidden Glasshouse Japanese Haven

Tucked deep in the grounds of Penang Digital Library, Hanzo Japanese Restaurant has just recently opened its doors to all Japanese fans. It serves casual yet sumptuous authentic Japanese food filled with umami flavours while providing its patrons with the ideal place to carry out their work.

The restaurant is established inside a wondrous glasshouse for patrons to look out while they are dining. Surrounding the glasshouse is the captivating sight of greeneries and plants that will surely put your mind at ease.

Here’s what you can order at Hanzo Japanese Restaurant!

Take a look at their menu selection! Satiate your appetite with their Donburi series which comes with rice topped with dishes of your own choosing. The Hanzo Onsen Volcano is the one to beat with its egg yolk-drenched rice wrapped with smoked salmon and Ebiko (shrimp roe). You can also try their Salmon Truffle Don if you are a fan of salmon.

Hanzo Onsen Volcano

Salmon Truffle Don

There’s something for chicken lovers too! Opt for the classic Teriyaki Chicken that comes with a bowl of Miso soup if you want a Japanese dish that never goes wrong. Its sweet, salty and sticky glazed chicken along with a scoop of rice makes an unforgettable meal.


Teriyaki Chicken Don

Or if you’re more of a sushi person, you can order from their sushi and maki selection. Known for its salmon series, Hanzo procures and uses fresh salmon in its sushi, ensuring the taste of freshness in every bite. Try its salmon sushi that goes perfectly with a dip in soy sauce and wasabi.

Salmon Sushi


Hanzo Fried Maki

Also, don’t forget to order their unique Salmon Bomb, a dish consisting of salmon-wrapped rice that is drizzled with mayonnaise and topped with salmon roe.

Salmon Bomb


Sashimi fans can furthermore order their large platter of fresh salmon sashimi. Perfect for sharing with your friends!

Fresh Salmon Sashimi

Specially-curated Drinks You Cannot Miss

Hanzo has also curated the perfect drinks that will go well with your meal. Enjoy the sweet sip of the Purple Taro Latte, a blend of the distinct taste of taro and milk. A must-order for every Taro fan out there! And of course, what is a Japanese restaurant if there’s no matcha? However, instead of the usual combination of matcha and milk, Hanzo introduced Matcha Sakura, the bitter yet aromatic green tea infused with the sweet-smelling sakura fragrance.

The Next Must-Visit Japanese Spot On Your List

Feeling intrigued yet? Head on over to Penang Digital Library and visit the latest Hanzo Japanese Restaurant during your next hangout. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic Japanese food inside a glasshouse while being surrounded by calming greeneries. If you are busy with work or study, you can also carry out your work in peace and quiet at the Penang Digital Library after your meal.

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