Chupa Chups-Flavored Sparkling Drinks Spotted at 7-Eleven Malaysia

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  • We found Chupa Chups-flavored sparkling drinks at 7-Eleven Malaysia!

Most of us Malaysians had Chupa Chups lollipops growing up. It was definitely one of those candies that we begged our parents to buy for us back then. We have recently spotted Chupa Chups but in a form of a can stored in the refridgerator of 7-Eleven Malaysia. That’s right, our childhood lollipop brand has launched Chupa Chups-Flavored Sparkling Drinks and we were shocked.

Chilhood Lollipop Brand Chupa Chups Launched Sparkling Drinks:

Photo: Penang Foodie

When we first saw it in 7-Eleven Malaysia, our first thought was “will this be yet another gimmicky product or will it actually tastes okay?” Regardless, we went ahead and bought it.

Photo: Penang Foodie

Comes in three fruity flavors, Grape, Orange and Strawberry Cream and priced at RM4.90 each. Apparently, these drinks first made their debut in South Korea, and they’re finally here in Malaysia!

Photo: Penang Foodie

How do they taste? Definitely sweet, just like the original Chupa Chups lollipops. Then again, there’s this light fizzy sensation that makes you go “ooh” when it first hits your mouth. Among three flavors, Grape was our top pick, and Strawberry Cream was creamy.

Photo: Penang Foodie

Putting the taste profile aside, we would still definitely get these Chupa Chups Sparkling drinks, just look at their packaging! Fun, vibrant and adorable, these would look great even just on photos. Price point ain’t that bad as well considered they’re imported from South Korea.

So foodies, will you try these Chupa Chups-Flavored Sparkling Drinks out? Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts and don’t forget to tag your friends to try these out together! That’s all, have a great day ahead and buh bye!

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