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Café Wolf At BookXcess Is Having Hard To Turn Down Offers For Coffee & Cakes!

Hey, bookworms! We know that it is very hard to step into BookXcess without getting any books. There are so many books! It is so hard to turn them down considering that the discounts are massive. Well, there are more discounts now! Café Wolf At BookXcess Is Having Hard To Turn Down Offers For Coffee & Cakes! Sip some coffee, eat some cakes, and read a book!

Do you comma here often?

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

That’s not a typo. We are inserting some book puns into this post! BookXcess at Gurney Paragon is truly a good place to be inspired. You are surrounded by so many books, written by many noteworthy authors. Naturally, you will spend a lot of time there. Well, head down to Café Wolf to fuel yourself with these amazing promotions. After all, seven days without coffee makes one weak.

1. RM 5 coffee from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

Get a head start on your day with a cup of hot coffee for only RM 5. This promotion is only valid from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You will be happy to know this promotion is happening daily!

2. RM 19.90 for one slice of cake, and one cup of coffee.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

Books are better with desserts on the table! Get one slice of cake, and a cup of coffee, or a teapot, for only RM 19.90.

3. RM 30 for four coffees or three slices of cakes.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

This offer is perfect for sharing. If you’re looking for a place to host a study group or just sippin’ coffee with your friends, this is promotion fits perfectly.

4. Free coffee with a slice of cake on Tuesdays.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

Gurney Paragon is well-know for their buy one free on Tuesdays, Café Wolf will be giving out free coffee when you purchase a slice of cake on Tuesdays.

5. Student cards get a 20% discount.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

Well, if you’re a student, it is time to use your card. You can get 20% discount when you show your student card upon ordering.

6. Free croissant when you order coffee or tea at RM 11.90.

If you can never get enough of the crispy pastry, you can get a free croissant when you order coffee or tea at RM 11.90. We secretly love croissants!

My weekend is booked.

Photo: BookXcess (Facebook)

It is time to treat yo shelves over the weekend with these sweet deals! Coffees are the best ’cause we have no shelf control. Okay, we need to stop with these puns. You can check out BookXcess’ Facebook page for more information regarding this promotion, and other ongoing deals. We are going to start planning our coffee dates now! This weekend is going to be literary!

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