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airasia food Has One Meal For 1 Sen For A Limited Time Only Until 23rd June In Penang

Hello, friends! When we are working at home, it makes perfect sense to cook at home, too. However, cooking at home can be a hassle. Imagine preparing your fresh ingredients, cooking them, and then washing them right after before heading to your next conference call. What a busy day! Thankfully, food delivery platforms are just a few clicks away!


airasia food Has One Meal For 1 Sen For A Limited Time Only

Photo: airasia delivers (Facebook)

In case you missed out, airasia food is now available in Penang. That’s right, this food delivery platform has ‘landed’ (get it, because it is AirAsia?) in Penang just last month. Despite being on the island for only one month, the food delivery platform now houses more than 300 eateries across the island. Sorry, friends, they are yet to available on the mainland.

Photo: airasia delivers (Facebook)

Partnering with Penang Global Tourism, airasia food has a new tantalizing campaign, one meal for RM0.01. No, that’s not a typo, you can get one meal for one cent on the platform! Everyday, the food delivery platform will feature an item, and it will be priced at one cent each. Simply use the promo code, 1SENPG for Penang users, and 1SENKL for Klang Valley users.

Photo: airasia delivers (Facebook)

You can check out the features on their official social media platforms, or More than this, you will be excited to know that there is unlimited free delivery within 15 kilometers distance from the restaurant of the day. Redemptions are limited and will be on a first-come first-served basis. Sounds like our meals are covered until 23rd June 2021. Grab it fast!

Available Until 23rd June 2021

For more information, check out their social media platforms.

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