The Book Sandwich Cafe – Sandwich Master in Penang

Penang Foodie Review: The Book Sandwich Cafe – The best sandwich cafe in Penang?

The Book Sandwich Cafe Penang

According to ExpatGo’s 8 cafes in Penang with unusual or unique themes  this is how the cafe name “The Book Sandwich Cafe” came from.

“When it comes to crafting a dish, each mouthful is meant to be savoured, like how it is when one reads a book. There are many layers to be explored and with every bite, we hope to bring you a surprising burst of flavour.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more. The Book Sandwich Cafe’s foods really didn’t disappoint, the foods were well flavored, the presentation was pretty eye-catchy, and delicious!

Book Sandwich Cafe EXTERIOR

The book Sandwich Cafe Penang

The Book Sandwich Cafe is quietly located at Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Penang. It is just mile away from the kickass breakfast spot we reviewed in June, Urban Daybreak. Don’t be fooled by its name, besides legendary sandwich, the cafe also serve pasta, salad, mushroom soup, burger, steak and more.


The book Sandwich Cafe Penang, famous for its burger and lobster sandwich.

The interior, somehow aligned with its cafe’s name, pretty much in the indie way, as it has a lot of books, perched on the wall. In my opinion, the cafe’s table is rather small (I didn’t check the back), it’s not recommended for group gathering. In addition, the cafe’s lighting is pretty dull, we had a hard time to take appealing food photo.

Book Sandwich Cafe FOOD

Book Sandwich Cafe

The breads are free-of-charge. It may look simple, but it’s super delicious!

Book Sandwich Cafe Penang

To start, we got ourselves mushroom soup,RM18.90 and salad to prepare us for the magical ride to our main course.

Book Sandwich Cafe Penang

Book Sandwich Cafe Penang

For soup, some of us love it, but majority commented that it was pretty average or middle of the road. For the salad, it was strangely good, you can never go wrong for this salad, seriously. Trust us!

The Book Sandwich Cafe Penang

Next, we ordered Grilled Fish Sandwich, RM25.80. The Grilled Fish Sandwich has fillet fish, tomato, cucumber, cheese, caramelized onion, mixed green and potato. To us, what defines an excellent sandwich is bread. It may sound simple, but it certainly not. If you’ve got great bread, you’ve got a great sandwich—it really is half the battle.

any bread you’re using for a sandwich should be delicious enough to eat on its own

The cafe is hungry to prove himself as the sandwich master. The bread is looked like chef’s masterpiece. It was delicious, slight-crispy on the outside and fluffy as a pillow inside. Furthermore, I love the smoky fragrance the fish gave, it was truly an irresistible offering.

The Book Sandwich Cafe Penang

The second sandwich we had was Crispy Chicken Sandwich, RM25.80. It served with oriental style crispy chicken with mushroom, tomato, cucumber, cheese and mixed green served with potato chips. Yes, the bread was excellent, we really love it. The taste was perfectly delightful as well.

SERVICE CREWThe book Sandwich Cafe Penang, famous for its burger and lobster sandwich.

They were pretty attentive at first, as you can see them around in the cafe, but at the end, we were quite disappointing of the their services. One little frustration we had was the service crew’s began way to early to keep our plate (with some foods left), without asking us nicely at around 9.30 PM. We know that the operating hour is until 10:00 PM, that being said, there’s still plenty of time, right?


Credit: Book Sandwich Cafe FB

If you happen to head to Lebuh Pantai, George Town Penang, The Book Sandwich Cafe is really worth the trek. Food wise, it has definitely lived up to the expectation due to its food quality and taste. Although the price isn’t really easy on the wallet, you should really pay them a visit if you are fans of burger and sandwich. Hope this review gave a good peek.

The Book Sandwich Cafe | Facebook | Foursquare | TripAdvisor

Rating Summary:

Food: 4 /5

Price: RM25 – RM50 / pax

Instagram-able: 2 /5

Service: 2 /5

Value: 3.5 /5

Atmosphere: 3.5 /5

Good For: Burger & Sandwich Grab

Operating Hour:

Tues-Sat: 12:00 – 22:00 Sun: 12:00 – 21:00


205 Lebuh Pantai, George Town,, 10300 George Town, Malaysia



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