Astro Is Offering Free Access To All Its Movie Channels From 18th-31st March 2020

Astro & Chill, Anyone?


  • Astro is offering complimentary access to all its movie channels.
  • Free Astro movie channels access will be ongoing from 18th-31st March 2020.
  • The complimentary movie channels include FOX, FOX MOVIES and more.

Guys, one question, what are you guys are planning to do during these 2 weeks? While some of us are working from home, there are probably some of us who are off from work for 2 weeks (so lucky). So, if you already have your 2 weeks planned ahead, do let us know! On a side now, this post is for those of us who are planning to live the potato couch life; Astro is offering complimentary access to all its movie channels!

Free Access To All Astro Movie Channels For 2 Weeks

One thing Malaysians love is indefinitely free things. If you’re an Astro subscriber, you’ll know that there are different packages and subscription plans that are available. Depending on which package you take up, you can only view the channels that are included in the plan only.

Astro movie channels FOC
Photo: (Website)

But, from 18th March to 31st March 2020, ALL movie channels on Astro will be complimentary! This means we can now watch those channels that we didn’t subscribe to before this. Of course, the main reason Astro does this is in line with the Movement Control Order to encourage citizens to stay home and avoid any unnecessary movements.

Astro movie channels FOC
Photo: (Website)

Starting from 6AM today, there are already 16 channels that are free for viewing. The channels include HBO, FOX MOVIES, FOX Family Movies, Cinemax and more. Now go on, turn on your Astro and start your movie marathon with your family members, be it K-Drama, TV Series or just any of your favourite movie genres.

Astro movie channels FOC
Photo: @Astro (Facebook)

Time For A Movie Marathon

We can all go through this testing time if we only adhere to the Movement Control Order. Besides, with Astro doing its part, we can now chill on our couch and have some Astro & Chill time. It definitely sounds like a perfect idea. Stay safe, all!

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