Doctors At Pantai Hospital Penang Urge Citizens To Stay Home



  • Doctors and nurses at Pantai Hospital Penang have a message
  • They’re urging Malaysians to stay home during these 2 weeks
  • Dr. Gee Teak Sheng posted the friendly notice on his Facebook profile

Penangites, #StayHome

Guys, we have something important that we honestly think needs all your immediate attention. As we all know, today is the very first day of the Movement Control Order. In case some of you still need a definition of the policy, it basically means we’re encouraged to stay home for a span of 2 weeks. And to those who are still lingering out on the streets, here’s a piece of news: the doctors at Pantai Hospital are calling us out to stay put at home.

COVID-19 statistics
Photo: NewStraitsTimes

Of course, the Movement Control Order is to prevent any rise in COVID-19 cases in Malaysia after recording a staggering 673 cases and 2 deaths. This is because if we adhere to the policy by staying home, we technically minimize physical contact with others. Well, who knows if the person you bumped into in the mall actually has COVID-19 symptoms? Or worse, they may be asymptomatic meaning, they don’t portray any symptoms till later on.

Photo: TheStar (Website)

So, this 2 weeks Movement Control Order really is for the well-being of us, Malaysians. While all we need to do is to stay home, ever considered the frontliners? Such as doctors, nurses who are constantly putting up a battle against COVID-19? They spend hours round the clock, trying to contain the spread of this global pandemic.

To convey just how serious COVID-19 is, the doctors and nurses at Pantai Hospital Penang are taking it to social media. Dr. Gee Teak Sheng, took to his Facebook today posting 2 photos of himself and some staff holding up notices that read: I Stay At Work For You, You Stay At Home For Us #StayHome #DudukRumah

Pantai Hospital Doctor Urges Malaysians To Stay Home
Photo: @GeeTeakSheng (Facebook)

Really, as citizens of Malaysia, all we need to do during these 2 weeks is to stay home. Since this isn’t a lockdown, we can still head out to get stocks of our essential needs. But if you’re thinking of that, remember to avoid large crowds and adhere to personal hygiene at all times.

A Little Effort Goes A Long Way

Before we go, we wanna say that if you have any relatives or closed ones who are working on the frontline, go ahead, send them a few words of appreciation. And, if you can, just stay home. A tiny effort goes a long way, for sure.

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