Penangites’ Favourite Mamak Spot, KSB Cahaya (Abu) Has Relocated To Jalan Larut

Maggi Goreng, Here We Come

Hello there foodies! Just yesterday, our CM has made a live announcement that from 18th May onwards, dine-in will be allowed at all F&B outlets in Penang. Amidst the MCO, we miss dining in at our favourite restaurants or simply hanging out at our favourite Mamak spots. With a plate (or a few) of Maggi Goreng, Teh Ais, the night will definitely end on a good note. Well, if you can’t wait to get a dose of that Mamak night out once again, we’ve got news. Restoran KSB Cahaya or better known as Abu has relocated to a new location!

Abu Mamak Relocated To Jalan Larut

Foodies from all walks of life are familiar with KSB Cahaya, also commonly known among others as Abu. As they expand to 2 joints, it’s a testament to the food that they provide. As a late-night supper spot with a wide array of delights on their menu such as Maggi Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, and more, it’s no wonder Penangites love them.

Abu Mamak 3rd outlet
Photo: @foodie_feeder (Instagram)

No words are needed when it comes to the Maggi Goreng here. It is highly recommended to order their Tom Yam Maggi Goreng with fried chicken as it’s a plate of delicious, not-to-be-missed perfection. Moreover, the list of ‘Roti’ items here is endless too. Oh, did we miss out on the speedy way that Abu calculates the total price of our meal? Yeah, that makes them stand out too.

Abu Mamak 3rd outlet
Photo: @gracefoodtrail (Instagram)

With the first spot being in Penang Road, regular patrons consider that outlet as the ‘original and true’ Abu Mamak. Then, the second outlet opened up along Lorong Macalister and is constantly packed with loyal fans.

Abu Mamak 3rd outlet
Photo: @sinsbenelainez (Instagram)

Now, Abu has decided to relocate the Dato Koyah outlet to Jalan Larut, right beside the infamous Larut KFC.

Abu Mamak 3rd outlet
Photo: @JootattQuah (Facebook)

The news of the relocation was posted online by a fellow netizen, Jootatt Quah. Take a look at the original post here:

Maggi Goreng And Chill, Anyone?

So, now that you know its new location, it’s time to refuel with a plate of Maggi Goreng and a cup of Teh Ais. Also, would you guys be paying him a visit? If you are, don’t forget to practise the necessary SOPs and stay safe at all times. Bye!

Abu Mamak 3rd outlet
Photo: @pg_walk_eat_cap (Instagram)

Address: Jalan Larut, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang (Beside KFC Jalan Larut)


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