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9 Things Tourists Say That Annoy Penangites

Penang is an exciting city, and we completely understand how overwhelmed travelers can be especially if they are travelling to Penang for the first time! Penang people are a friendly bunch, but even so, there are things tourists say that might annoy Penangites sometimes.


Caution: This blog post does not mean to criticize! 😛

Anyone is entitled to say what they wish to say. We just thought that it would be interesting to discuss the 9 things tourists say that annoy Penangites.

“Penang is too relaxed. I like visiting, but don’t think I will like living here.”


Well, people are attracted to Penang because they love the work-life balance and the relaxing culture that they have. Locals here know when they need to work hard and when they need to play hard. There is a recent survey in ‘The Edge Property’ that says Penang locals are among the happiest people in the world compared to any other part of Malaysia.

“All Penang drivers drive like F1 drivers!”

No matter where we are, there are certainly rude and aggressive ones who drive like an F1 driver. Well, we understand some drivers here are really rude, but there are good drivers out there too.
Recommendation: If driving is not your thing, it not recommended to move around in cars especially in the UNESCO Heritage site because the place is best explored by foot or by cycling. This also gives you the convenience to stop by and take photos anytime you wish.

“Where can I find the best mural?”

Surely many Penangites would love to help and show you the way, but do bear in mind that not all Tom, Dick and Harry in Penang knows where every mural is. In fact, some of us don’t even know about the latest mural.
Recommendation: Grab a map from a tourist attraction or make full use of Google map. Just navigate along the roads and you will notice that Penang is indeed a cute little place with helpful signs all over the place with most destinations within half an hour reach.

“Can I Stand in the MIDDLE of the street to take pics with the mural?”

Well, certainly not all travelers will be asking so directly 😉 But standing in the middle of the street to take pictures are really dangerous. Travelers are not encouraged to do so especially when they’re not familiar with the roads in Penang.

“Penang is so freaking hot!”

Penang is part of Malaysia and the weather is almost the same like any other part of the country, unless you stay in the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia where rain is almost commonplace during the monsoon. In fact, the mostly sunny can be a good thing to tourists as they are able to enjoy the amazing beaches without worrying too much about the rain.

“Why so many old people live in Penang?”

It’s true that many senior citizens (retirees to be exact) can be seen in Penang. Why? Because Penang is one of the best places to retire. In fact, Malaysia has a second home program that encourages foreigners to come and retire in Penang. The response has been very positive for Penang.


“Penangites are so cheapskate!”

For some reason, Penangites have a bad reputation of being a bit stingy. Perhaps this comes from the fact that no other major city in Malaysia actually sells a bowl of famous hot noodles around RM4. Oh by the way, it’s interesting to note that Penang has one of the highest housing prices in Malaysia, contrary to popular belief.

“Can you show me the best Char Koay Teow?”

Taste is rather subjective and questions of this nature can sometimes lead you to nowhere. The fun fact is many Penangites have the tendency to show you to the less famous Char Koay Teow because they want to help promote these places to the tourists. Make full use of Google and you will find lots of travel sites with plenty of suggestions online (Penang Foodie being one of them :P).

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