8 Traditional Snacks That You Should Try During Deepavali


Happy Diwali friends! It’s such a shame that we can’t properly celebrate anything this year. Deepavali is a festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil and although the battle with the virus is not yet over, we are still breathing now and that is worth ccelebrating. But hey, on the bright side, at least you still get to binge eat delicious Diwali snacks like you always do. Here’s a list of some star snacks that you might want to get your hands on during the festival of lights.

8 Snacks You Have To Try During Diwali

1. Murukku

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You should’ve at least heard of this phrase once in your lifetime; “It’s not Deepavali unless you serve Murukku”. Because it is true! Murukku is the ultimate munching snack that is made out of urad dal (black lentil), rice flour, salt, and spices. This snack is the most dangerous of them all because once you get a hold of a jar, you will commit to it. And finish it. Unconsciously.

2. Adhirasam

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Now, this sweet treat deserves a throne on its own. To make Athirrsam, you literally need just two ingredients. Homemade rice flour and jaggery (a type of unrefined sugar). Although they look like overcooked donuts, to pop one of these into your mouth is a blessing. It takes some skill and a proper recipe to make it, but of course, everyone knows that it is worth the hassle.

3. Ghee Ball

ghee ball

Or also known as Nei Urundai is a traditional Tamil dish made from a combination of mung bean flour, ground cardamom, sugar, and rich, clarified butter. Big families would usually gather around and roll these together before the celebration. Which in the end will get you a mountain of aromatic and sugary balls that melts in the mouth the instant it touches your tongue.

4. Ladoo

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Unlike murukku, you simply cannot binge eat these ball-shaped snacks. It is super sweet that you simply have to alternate biting into this with a drink. But, then again, it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t fancy a good ladoo. Of course, everyone has their own distinct way of making ladoo but it is generally made with flour, cashews, raisins, saffron, and light flavored cardamom.

5. Achu Murukku

achu murukku
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Achu murukku or Kuih ros is another version of murukku. It’s a pretty common snack to see during Diwali (and it is delicious). The name Achu murukku comes from its beehive-like appearance. Meanwhile, since it is fried thinly, this beautiful treat is super crunchy and fun to eat.

6. Gulab Jamun

gulab jamun
Photo: @chitrasfoodbook (Blogger)

Adding to the ball-shaped snacks list, Gulab Jamun is soft delicious berry sized balls made out of khoya (milk solids), flour, and baking powder. These balls are fried and should be enjoyed as a pair with rose flavoured sugar syrup. The word “gulab” translates to rose in Hindi and “Jamun” to berry. So Gulab jamun is berry sized balls dunked in rose flavored sugar syrup.

7. Jalebi

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Not to be confused with murukku, these nest-like sugar cane is a crispy and juicy dessert made out of flour, chickpea flour, and sugar syrup. Definitely popular among kids and can easily be found as street food. No one can resist a bite especially after looking at its clear crystallized sugar coating. Yum!

8. Mysore Pak

mysore pak
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Mysore Pak is an easy-to-make sweet delicacy, which can be prepared at home. These blocks of rich and flavourful desserts contain generous amounts of ghee, sugar, chickpea flour, and often time cardamom. One can simply define it as a much softer and buttery cookie.

Happy Deepavali Friends!

No amount of words could describe how sad it must have felt to celebrate this victorious festival without our loved ones. But it’s okay friends, we need to stay strong so that we can celebrate like we always do next year. And maybe by then, we can have open-houses and fireworks again eh?

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