7 Online Grocery Shopping Stores In Penang That Deliver To Your Doorstep During The COVID-19 Outbreak

With the news of more than 500 Coronavirus cases across nationwide, queues have shown up at many grocery stores. Many Malaysians have flocked to stock up on essentials like rice, eggs and also instant noodles. While some are left with disappointment as the shelves are emptied out. But fret not, here’s a list of 7 online grocery shopping stores that deliver to your doorstep during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Tesco

Photo: Tesco (Official)

Easily spotted in the neighbourhood across different cities in Malaysia, Tesco is available for online shopping! With a wide variety of choices from fresh produce to household items, you can find it all here. Oh and take a look at their promotion section for discounts on soaps too!

Delivery Time: 8AM – 10PM

Link: Tesco Online

2. Happy Fresh

Photo: HR Asia (Official)

Ever since their collaboration with Giant, Happy Fresh has been one of the top places to get the basic groceries done. Not to mention, they also provide delivery services from Cold Storage, Mercato and Tesco! So, if you’re looking for something more than your essential groceries, Happy Fresh will be a good place to start.

Delivery Time: 10AM – 9PM

Link: Happy Fresh

3. Sunshine

Photo: Sunshine (Official)

A place that offers wallet-friendly price yet a wide variety of choices is nonetheless at Sunshine. From local canned products to imported produces, it’s all available here. What’s better is that Sunshine is now also delivering to mainland Penang too! So mainlanders, it’s time to shop online at Sunshine!

Link: Sunshine

4. MyFishman

Photo: MyFishman (Facebook)

If you’re looking for fresh seafood that is priced at an affordable range, then MyFishman is the place to go for. With over 50 types of fish from the sea around Malaysia to offer, they deliver seafood fresh from the fishermen to your doorstep.

Delivery Time: 11AM – 7PM (Wed – Sat)

Link: MyFishman

5. Redtick Plus

Photo: Redtick (Facebook)

Another online grocery shopping store that offers delivery is Redtick Plus. Featuring essential groceries, stationery and baby products, it’s a place that offers almost anything you can think of. Not to mention, they also have organic products too.

Delivery Time: 9AM – 9PM

Link: Redtick

6. BMS Organic

Photo: BMS Organic (Fave)

As Malaysia’s largest organic retail chain with more than 40 outlets across nationwide, BMS Organic offers delivery with a minimum of RM150 and above. It features groceries, basic snacks, health supplements and more! So if you ever want a more healthy alternative to your diet, BMS Organic is a good place to start shopping.

Delivery Time: 3-5 Business Day

Link: BMS Organic

7. Signature Market

Photo: Signature Market (Official)

Buying organic products can be costly but it’s not so much at Signature Market. By purchasing directly from the manufacturers, you can save get up to 50% on their products. With the primary focus on healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts and powdered beverages, they also offer baby food and snacks too.

Delivery Time: 7-10 Business Days

Link: Signature Market

Stock Up On Essentials Only And Stay Safe

We have reached the end of our list of ‘9 online grocery shopping stores that deliver to your doorstep during the COVID-19 outbreak’ and hopefully it will be of great use for finding essential products. Needless to say, but we hope everyone only stocks up on essentials and stay calm. We also hope you all stay safe and see you in the next post!

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  1. Hi there,
    As we are facing so many problems with going to market or buying things in these coronavirus outbreaks, so this blog gonna helpful for people who are most wanted to buy food from online stores. Thanks for sharing the trustable online store name and which is also affordable.

  2. I believe there are many more grocery delivery in Penang. Maybe you can do an update.
    What i know so far is penangbansan, sinsoohup and penangfreshmarket

  3. Hi folks ive been on the forum a month and not asked any questions yet and i dont have many to ask im just cracking on and putting my best foot forward but i was looking at my account and it says im using a normal bike but i am using an e-bike, should i change it? I have no problem getting the orders, when i get going the orders are coming in all the time. Is there a benefit to changing to e-bike account, i know people say ‘you will get more orders’ but is there proof of that or is that what you assume? Thanks.

  4. Hello, Online stores have sprung up to serve all the needs of people while the pandemic is raging, making people unable to go anywhere. but stores have provided door-to-door service which is very convenient for everyone. That greatly reduces the burden that everyone has to go out when the big day rolls around

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