Grab Announced That All Services Will Operate As Usual Including GrabFood & More

Thank god for that!


  • Grab announced that all services will operate as usual.
  • Services mentioned are; GrabFood, GrabMart, Transport, and GrabExpress.
  • Grab urged the public to take precautionary measures.

With the nationwide movement restriction order in place, tension increases. The people are contemplating what they can or can’t do. Not to mention distressing over how much of their daily routine would be jeopardized because of Covid-19. However, all parties mutually agree to play their part fittingly and the Grab company is not excluded.

Photo: @GrabMalaysia (Facebook)

Grab Reassured The Public That All Services Are Still Available

That’s right. ALL of their services; GrabFood, GrabMart, Transport, and GrabExpress, will run as usual. So you can go about your day normally. Grab claimed that they are committed in serving and supporting all of their drivers, delivery partners, merchant partners, passengers and staffs throughout this alarming phase. The company will announce any changes later.

Grab App
Photo: @GrabApp

Grab Urged The Public To Take Precautionary Measures

Grab insisted that everyone should be more mindful of protecting themselves. Be responsible of yourself and surrounding people. Visit the nearest screening hospital to get tested immediately if you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty in breathing. Which we couldn’t agree more so everyone please stay safe!

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