61 y/o Aunty Travels 6 Hours Daily Selling Salted Fish to Pay For Grandson’s College Fees

We’ve heard quite a number of heartwarming stories but this one hits differently. A 61-year-old aunty who lives in Nibong Tebal, travels 6 hours daily back and forth to Air Itam Market just to sell salted fish, in hopes that she can earn more and be able to pay for her grandson’s college fees.

61-Year-Old Aunty Travels 6 Hours Daily & Sells Salted Fish to Pay For Her Grandson’s College Fee:

Photo: Oriental Daily News Malaysia (Website)

According to Oriental Daily News Malaysia, the 61-year-old aunty would travel all the way to Air Itam Market from Nibong Tebal just to sell salted fish to make a living, using public transportation.

She disclosed that previously she was selling salted fish around her neighbourhood, but couldn’t earn much. In order to provide a better education for her grandson and pay for his college fees, she decided to set up a salted fish stall at Air Itam.

Photo: Oriental Daily News Malaysia (Website)

Each day, she would wake up around 5:30 a.m. and cycle to the nearest bus stop before hailing a bus ride to Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal that takes her to the island. She will then hop on to other Rapid buses that eventually bring her to her final destination, Air Itam Market.

The journey normally takes three hours, so a round trip will add up to six hours. Although exhausting, she has never thought of asking for help, as she thought it would be a burden to others. She hopes that with her own two hands, she’ll be able to pay for her grandson’s college fees.

Foodies, our hearts go out to this strong, independent woman. If you happen to know this aunty, leave a comment so that more people could reach out to her. If you see her at Air Itam Market, show some love and support! It will also be great if you guys could share this piece of news out. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

Source: Oriental Daily News Malaysia 

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