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6 Hiking Trails At Penang Hill That You Need To Know

Hello, friends! Weekends have been slow as more people choose to stay at home. While the pandemic has definitely changed our lifestyle, we’ve found a way to help you kick out some boredom. Early birds, we’re here to talk about hiking trails in Penang! Introducing up to 6 hiking trails in the iconic Penang Hill, are you ready to hear more about it? Scroll down for more!


6 Hiking Trails At Penang Hill

1. Bat’s Cave Temple

Photo: @shermin_phang (Instagram)

Penang Hill is a good spot to enjoy the views. But you’re someone who likes to sweat a little before enjoying the beautiful landscape, then this track is for you! A path that’s just right next to the Bats’ Cave Temple of Tua Peh Kong, you’ll be surprised that this track leads you to Penang Hill. Not only that, if you’re tired halfway through, you can also take the funicular trains at the middle station.

2. Persiaran Taman Cantik

This spot is definitely a hidden one. While the street has a beautiful name, most people don’t know that this path leads to a hiking track. To get into the trail, all you need to do is to turn right when you see the street sign. Then follow the path straight ahead and give it a left turn. Hike up straight and it will lead you to the first path on the list!

3. Next To Penang Hill Funicular Lower Station

Photo: Raja Badri (Walkabout Asia)

When it comes to Penang Hill, one would normally think of the funicular trains. But many locals might not know that there is a starting spot of a hiking trail near the lower station. A popular spot for many hikers, this trail has quite a number of stairs. So if you’re looking forward to shaping your glutes and calves muscle, this is a hiking spot for you. But we have to say, this track might be tiring for beginners.

4. Moon Gate

Situated along the left side of the road to Botanical Gardens is Moon Gate. The reason we want to talk about this place is that there’s actually a hiking trail that starts here! A path that leads to a well balanced of protruding trees and countless stairs. While this might not be the easiest track, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s quite a number of rest stops. A beautiful rest stop is undoubtedly Station 5.

5. Jalan Lintang

Photo: @thomsonlm (Instagram)

Alright guys, time for a hidden starting point of a hiking trail! Tucked in Jalan Lintang, don’t forget to spot the road sign and remember to turn left! While this path has a lot of turnings, just follow us for the right direction! Alright, after turning left, walk straight until you spot a small Datuk Kong temple and then walk towards a small path beside it. Then walk straight and take left, right and right!

6. Botanical Garden

Photo: Simple Travelled

Last but not least is at Botanical Gardens. Surprisingly, this path at Botanical Gardens leads you to Penang Hill! But hear us out before you take this path because it might not be suitable for beginners. Although led by a tar road, the steep track is what makes it hard. But here’s good news, on the way to the final point, this path has quite a number of resting stops too!

Time To Hike Up The Iconic Penang Hill

Alright, we’ve come to an end of our listicle ‘6 Hiking Trails At Penang Hill That You Need To Know About’! While RMCO still has a few days to end, the number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia has yet to stop increasing. So we hope everyone stays safe and avoid the crowd! However, don’t forget to keep your body fit!

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