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10 Beautiful Beaches In Penang For Some Much Needed Vitamin Sea

Imagine sitting on the sand with your feet being washed by the cool waters at the beach. There’s really nothing more serene than that. If you’re looking to replenish your dose of vitamin sea, we’ve compiled 10 beautiful beaches right here in Penang. Ready?

10 Scenic Beaches In Penang To Check Out

1. Batu Ferringhi Beach

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @abg_jiee (Instagram)

Penangites are definitely no stranger to Batu Ferringhi Beach. In fact, even tourists are familiar with this spot. With a white sandy beach and soothing waters, the Batu Ferringhi Beach often accommodates various water sports activities such as parasailing, jet-skiing, and more.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @farouq.johari (Instagram)

2. Pulau Jerejak Beach

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @travelationnx (Instagram)

Next up, Pulau Jerejak has a very scenic beach too, especially after its remake in 2019. Located just a short 10-minute ferry ride away from the island, Pulau Jerejak now has a rainbow jetty, a “stairway to heaven” and many more backdrops that are totally Instagram-worthy.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @iicalatoare (Instagram)

3. Kerachut Beach

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @leelimhui (Instagram)

Another beautiful beach in Penang is none other than Kerachut Beach in Teluk Bahang. Now if you’re a hiker, then you may reach Kerachut Beach by hiking from the National Park entrance. Aside from clean and clear waters, Kerachut Beach also has a turtle hatchery and sanctuary center with a free entrance. So if you love to break some sweat before relaxing, Kerachut Beach is perfect for you.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @tlwc_sgn (Instagram)

4. Teluk Kampi Beach

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @jaydeep.trivedi (Instagram)

If you’re already visiting Kerachut Beach, you’re only a stone’s throw away from yet another beautiful sandy beach in Penang, Teluk Kampi Beach. This beach is the definition of serenity and peace and is often ideal for camping. To get here, you will need to hike for about an hour but the destination will make the hike so very worth it.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @david_constance (Instagram)

5. Long Sand Beach

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @madden_voyage (Instagram)

Did you know Penang has its very own Long Sand Beach? Commonly known as Pasir Panjang, it is located over at Balik Pulau. A quieter beach that promises serenity, Long Sand Beach lets you catch a view of gentle, crawling waves. And not forgetting, you’ll also feel the soft sand in between your toes.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @wann_amir77 (Instagram)

6. Monkey Beach

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @foodielawyer (Instagram)

Many Penangites are already familiar with Monkey Beach that is located in our National Park. This beach is aptly named after the occasional appearance of long-tail macaques which is also the main reason that you should always be alert over your personal belongings. Monkey Beach is an ideal spot to relax and breathe in serenity.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @febo962 (Instagram)

7. Gertak Sanggul

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @engclau (Instagram)

Gertak Sanggul is a fishing village in the southwest of Penang. So aside from frolicking on the beach, you can also end your evening with some of the freshest seafood. In fact, you’ll even see fishing boats bobbing on the waters for some fresh catch of the day.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @beanoo (Instagram)

8. Pantai Malindo

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @jetevois (Instagram)

Ever thought of catching a stunning view when the sun sets and makes its way down the horizon? Well, instead of the usual Batu Ferringhi Beach, there’s one other beach in Penang that guarantees to take your breath away. Pantai Malindo at Kuala Sungai Burong deserves a spot on your must-visit list of Penang’s beaches.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: (Instagram)

9. Tanjung Bungah Beach

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @thewanderingpier (Instagram)

Of course, there’s also the Tanjung Bungah Beach in Penang with its sandy beach, making it the prime location for several notable resorts. As one of the more popular beaches in Penang, Tanjung Bungah Beach is often an ideal spot for locals and tourists to refuel their dose of vitamin sea.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: (Instagram)

10. Tanjung Asam Beach, Teluk Kumbar

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @zuan_khalil_ (Instagram)

Now the final beach in Penang to visit is Tanjung Asam Beach at Teluk Kumbar. This beach is located in the southwest area of Penang and has a panoramic view of the sea. Not only that, there’s of course, a sandy beach to wrap things up for a breezy walk.

10 Beaches In Penang
Photo: @azierafini (Instagram)

Beautiful Beaches In Penang For A Breezy Day Out

So there you have it! These are the 10 sandy beaches in Penang for when you need a breath of fresh hair and some dose of sea breeze. If you have visited any stunning beaches in Penang, do let us know in the comments below. Bye!

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  1. Sadly many of these beaches are very dirty now. Went to Pasir Panjang just before MCO last year – the water was brown and foamy. Just did not look like a good idea to get in!

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