Taiwan Renowned Halal ‘Fried Chicken Master’ Is Opening Its First Chain In Penang

A deadly combo of fried chicken and bubble milk tea!

Hey, foodies! It’s our utmost pleasure to be presenting you with yet another great news you would definitely want to know about. Here goes, Taiwan Renowned Halal Fried Chicken Master is now opening its first chain in Malaysia on this lovely island in early August. Let us tell you why it’s such a big deal. Sooo, it’s not just opening up anywhere but it’s situated directly beside the popular bubble milk tea outlet, Xing Fu Tang that took Penang by storm when it first opened in Juru Sentral. Now, you can have the best of both worlds – slurping on your bubble milk tea while chowing down really yummy fried chicken. You can find both outlets near Nagore Square!

Fried Chicken Master Is Coming!

fried master chicken penang
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Fried Chicken Master is here to conquer the world with its alluring fried chicken and adorable lion mascot. We have to be honest, the first thing that caught our attention was the lion mascot, what I can I say other than we’re just suckers for adorable things?

@rainraineeataway (Instagram)

When it comes to their chicken, expect to be amazed sensationally because it’s that amazing! You can smell their fragrant chicken from miles away. The chicken is first coated in thick batter and then fried till golden crisp. The sound of the crunch will be resounding with each bite that you take.
Furthermore, the chicken is heavily marinated to bring out even more flavour. I’m sure you would love the place!

Can’t wait to try it?

If you’re a foodie like us, then you probably can’t wait to have a taste of Fried Chicken Master. As for now, let’s just be patient because we have yet to be informed about the exact opening date other than the fact they’re opening in early August. But, rest assured it’s coming alright. Follow us to keep yourself updated!


Opening Date: Early August (TBC)

Address: Jalan Bawasah, near Nagore Square. (Beside Xing Fu Tang)

Highlights: Halal fried chicken located near Xing Fu Tang

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