Sunway Carnival Mall Celebrates Chinese New Year With Hokkien Heritage

Time for a little shopping!

Sunway Carnival Mall Looks Lit For This Chinese New Year! We know we have said it too many times, but Chinese New Year is coming. That’s right! It is time to start your spring cleaning at home, order or make your Chinese New Year cookies, and check out the best places for reunion dinner before all restaurants are fully booked. So many things to do, so little time.

Sunway Carnival Mall Looks Lit For This Chinese New Year

That’s not all, folks, it is also the time to start shopping. Chinese New Year is the best time to buy yourself a brand new wardrobe to usher in the brand new year! Every year, it feels like all the shopping malls in Penang will go over the top with their decorations during Christmas, and also Chinese New Year. It is so hard to choose the best ones ’cause they are so beautiful, and different from each other.

Inspired by Three Lanes, Seven Alleys, a busy commercial area in Fuzhou, the mall’s concourse will feature the famous wooden buildings decorated with red lanterns, blooming peonies and cherry blossoms to elevate the Lunar New Year mood.

For 2019, Sunway Carnival Mall Looks Lit For This Chinese New Year. In other words, Sunway Carnival Mall looks incredibly incredible with their A Hokkien Heritage Celebration theme. That’s right, they have turned their central atrium into a delightful olden days Hokkien setting. Okay, we will walk you through the entire space so you wouldn’t miss a single thing!

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You will be greeted with a red colour arch with black details as you stepped in. Honestly, you will love the details as there are golden borders that wrap around the black background. It makes the word pops, too! Stepping in, you need to check out the two wooden “houses” that are connected with a bridge. Red colour is poppin’ with lanterns hanging in every corner!

Don’t miss the extremely pink colour sakura tree. You will probably spend most of your time taking photos with your friends, and family right here. The details are incredible.

Check out their mahjong table, and learn one thing or two about the different pieces of mahjong tiles! On every corner of the central atrium, there will be something for you to see. Trust us, you will probably forget about shopping and spend some time hanging right here instead.

Low on Chinese New Year cookies? They have it right here, too! Some of the things you can look forward to include Chinese New Year decorations and gifts for your friends, and family. By the way, they also have a Hokkien Class for you to participate in. How fitting with the theme! Let’s bring back Hokkien dialect and learn more about the difficult yet intriguing dialect!

There are shop lots for you to buy New Year hampers for your boss, friends, family or loved one.

Chinese calligraphy performance on the spot.

Sunway Carnival Mall Looks Lit For This Chinese New Year

Sunway Carnival Mall Looks Lit For This Chinese New Year! Start your preparations and shopping for Chinese New Year at Sunway Carnival Mall. Cookies? Check! Gifts? Check! Decorations? Check! Good background for your Instagram posts? Check! Pro-tip, go a little earlier in order to get the perfect photos. You wouldn’t want other people in your photos, right?

Check out their Facebook for more updates, you guys!

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