12 Things To Eat At Penang Sentral That You’ll Love

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This post is all about things to eat at Penang Sentral.

Penang Sentral just had their soft launching last Thursday and it has gotten lots of attention from Penangites. For foodies like us, food is what matters most to us! So, in today’s blog, we’re going to curate top 12 food in Penang Sentral you’ll find.

12 Food You’ll Find In Penang Sentral (Directory)

From coffee, dessert to awesome fast food, we got you covered! Without further ado, let’s check out the list. We’ll begin from level 2 first, and followed by level 3’s food and beverage outlets.

1. llaollao | Tealive | Gindaco

Photo by: sze_chi.0726

Location: L2-04, Penang Sentral

2. Big Apple Donut & Coffee

With a delightful and extensive range of flavours created from passion to perfection, each doughnut is a masterpiece.

Location: L2-05

3. Auntie Anne’s

The soft pretzels are made with delicious dough, twisted and baked to a golden brown on the spot anyway you like to hit the spot (any time of day).

Location: L2-02

4. KFC

KFC is offering you the satisfyingly crunchy chickens that will leave you wanting more!

Address: L2-11

5. Marry Brown (Ice Cream Parlour)


You can find Marry Brown’s ice cream parlour at Penang Sentral.

Pop by now to grab one!

Address: K2-01

6. Harold’s Bread

Harold is a European bake master who has travelled the world to spread his sincere passion for making great bread. Harold shared with us that great bread must delight and excite all your senses in every way from the first delicious aroma to the last flavourful bite.

All of Harold’s Bread bakeries buns, pastries, cakes and croissants are baked fresh daily and made using the finest ingredients just like Harold would bake them. This commitment to freshness and quality allows you to savour the amazing taste that has made Harold’s Bread a household name today.

Address: L2-10

7. Iqbal’s Restaurants

Photo by: Jun Jonas

Another food you can hunt in Penang Sentral is Iqbal’s Restaurants.

A restaurant where local food cravings can be satisfied a little closer to home.

Address: L2-12

Let’s move to level 3 now.

8. Beryl’s

The chocolate store was created with one single aim – excellence. Since the company was established in 1995, their focus has been to produce the very best chocolates for both the local and global markets.

Address: L3-05

9. Makan Street Food Court

The only food court in Penang Sentral. If you’re looking for variety food choices, this food court is the right place to be!

Location: L3-FC1-8

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10. Marrybrown

A wide variety of tasty meals including Crispy Chicken, Delicious Satay Burger, Nasi Marrybrown, Speciality Wrap, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Mi Kari, Chicken Porridge, finger foods, salads, fun fries and a range of hot and cold beverages and desserts – the only one of its kind in town and really “ something different “ for everyone.

Location: L3-12

11. Starbucks Coffee

Who doesn’t love Starbucks coffee? If you need a cafe for a coffee fix, there’s a Starbucks right there!

Location: L3-16

12. Royaltea

Photo by: ariellekhaw

Location: L3-04

List: 12 Penang Sentral Food

I hope you guys enjoyed my curated list for ‘Things To Eat in Penang Sentral’. I’m sure more food and beverage outlets will be popping out more there.

Lastly, let us know in the comment section what food you’d love to see at Penang Sentral.

Have a nice day, foodies!


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