Yun Shan Ge: Nyonya Cuisine For Vegetarians In Penang That You Should Check Out

A Restaurant That Serves Nyonya Cuisine With A Twist

If you’re a vegetarian and it’s difficult for you to find a decent restaurant, then we have one more restaurant to introduce to you that you can add to your own list. This restaurant serves Nyonya cuisine but in vegetarian form. You can now satisfy your Nyonya food craving even if you’re a vegetarian. Yun Shan Ge does not use any dairy product, garlic or onions in their dishes.

You Won’t Want To Miss Out On This Flavorsome Dishes!

Yun Shan Ge

Yun Shan Ge serves refined Nyonya dishes and all their food is made enough for a day to avoid any wastage. This way, all their ingredients are as fresh as it gets. With these fresh ingredients, your meal will be healthier and fresher ingredients definitely makes the dishes taste way better.

This restaurant is perfect for family dinner and special occasions as well. The ambiance of this restaurant is pretty zen hence it’s perfect to bring friends and family along to enjoy either a good lunch or dinner. Do enjoy the hand-painted scenery that is on the wall behind the counter as well while you’re having your meal.


Are you a big fan of Satay? The Satay that is served here is made out of white mushrooms and it tastes quite close to chicken satay. The satay is paired with cucumber and peanut sauce. If you’re looking for somewhere that sells good satay, here is the spot for you.

 Curry Kapitan

A Nyonya meal will not be complete without Curry Kapitan hence this restaurant serves vegetarian Curry Kapitan. The texture of the mushroom has quite a similar texture to regular chicken meat. A dish that is bursting with flavors will leave you wanting more. You will be able to enjoy this dish with ‘Miku’ as well!

Special Dishes

While there are various mouth-watering dishes that they have in their menu, they do serve special dishes upon request. So if you’re celebrating a special occasion and would like to have different dishes for your meal, give them a call and they will let you know what dishes are on their special menu. Here are some of the dishes that they have available.

Lady’s Finger With Sambal Veggie ‘Hae Bee’

This dish may look simple but it tastes amazing because of the freshness of the lady’s finger. The specially made sambal veggie ‘hae bee’ pairs perfectly with the lady’s finger. The sweetness of the fresh lady’s fingers balances out the slight saltiness of the sambal veggie ‘hae bee’.

Jiu Hu Char

Another staple dish for Nyonya cuisine is the Jiu Hu Char with lettuce. The perfect way to enjoy this dish is by wrapping the Jiu Hu Char and some homemade sambal with the lettuce. It is definitely a bundle of goodness and mouthful with flavors from the homemade sambal, the fresh lettuce and of course, the flavorful Jiu Hu Char.

Hainanese Spring Rolls

These rolls of goodness will leave you wanting more after your first bite. The perfectly seasoned fillings are being wrapped with crispy golden brown spring roll skin. Hainanese Spring Roll which is also known as ‘choon piah’ is becoming rare because it is time-consuming to make this dish.

Dessert Combo

A meal is not complete without dessert and what better to enjoy dessert in a way where you’re able to have a taste of everything. This combo includes ‘Lek tau th’ng’, sago pudding and ‘Ubi’ with gula Melaka. These traditional desserts are not to be missed!

Address: 16, Penang St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang

Operating hours: 10 am – 9 pm (Tuesday – Friday), 9 am – 9 pm (Saturday – Sunday)

Contact number: +6010-400 1098

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