This Yogurt Spot In Penang Offers Everything Yogurt, Bubble Tea & More

Hello, foodies! The yogurt game is yet to end. With more yogurt stores popping up in town, the variety just gets better. From classic Purple Rice Yogurt to the new Mango Pomelo Yogurt, it’s indeed a creamy and nutritious experience. So, if you’re a fan of these healthy yogurt beverages, then you’re in luck because we’ve found a place that offers this deliciousness. It’s none other than Yogurt Ballet!

Yogurt Ballet originates from the beautiful city of Yunnan in China. Passionate about healthy yogurts that don’t come with any flavouring or additive, this is a place to get something natural yet delicious. Presenting a menu that’s filled with beverages covering from bubble tea to yogurt drinks, fret not to follow us as we recommend some of our favourites here.

New To The Menu

When it comes to yogurt drinks, the current trend is all about chewy purple rice. But going back to our childhood time, do you still remember those fruity yogurts that come in plastic containers? Well, teleporting you back to nostalgic memories, Yogurt Ballet has rolled new fruit yogurts that we truly love! Scroll down for the spill about these beverages.

1. Strawberry Yogurt

A pink beverage that tends to attract the ladies, this is a drink that is generously topped with a thick layer of the strawberry blend. A little tang that accompanies the sweet, it matches flawlessly with the smooth and creamy yogurt. Not to mention, there’s even a layer of chewy sago at the bottom too! So don’t forget to give it a good mix before you enjoy it!

2. Mango Pomelo Yogurt

There’s plenty of mango desserts out there. From Mango Sticky Rice to Mango Pudding, have you heard of a combo with pomelo and yogurt? Well, not for us. While it might sound a little odd, you’ll be glad to know that this combo works! A 3 layer drink that consists of mango yogurt, original yogurt and mango puree, it’s actually sprinkled with some bright pink pomelo flesh too.

More Yogurts, Please!

Alright, if you’re looking for something that’s loved by many, then we’ve got you covered too. Whether it’s the fruity flavoured ones or flavours that taste just like our childhood favourite, look forward to what we tried. That’s because this time, we’ve tried Taro Purple Rice Yogurt, Mango Sago Yogurt and Strawberry Fruit Yogurt!

1. Taro Purple Rice Yogurt

Purple enough to get rid of any blues in your day, this is a signature that boosts a little romantic vibe. Compared to its visual, a sip of this beautiful drink consists of creamy yogurt and chewy antioxidant purple rice. Not your usual yogurt, this comes with taro flavoured yogurt that tastes just like our childhood purple ice cream! So, if you love the purple ice cream, this drink is for you.

2. Mango Sago Yogurt

Alright, if you’re looking for mangoes, Yogurt Ballet got you covered too! Chewy sago pearls that lay at the bottom, the top layer is filled with fresh mango puree that’s mixed with their homemade yogurt. Drink a sip and you’ll get a good amount of mango flesh, mango yogurt and a decent amount of chewiness.

3. Strawberry Fruit Yogurt

Another strawberry-filled drink is Strawberry Fruit Yogurt. While you might wonder what’s the difference between this and the previous one, you’ll be delighted to know that one has a stronger yogurt flavour than the other one. If you’re looking for more yogurt flavour, then choose this. Otherwise, you can opt for the new Strawberry Yogurt!

4. Premium Pearl Milk Tea

While you might be surprised, this place offers delish bubble tea too. Silky smooth milk tea that flawlessly pairs with the pearls, it also hints some brown sugar flavour. Not to mention, the drink doesn’t come with much sweet, so if you’re someone who always orders less sugar, then this is for you. Additionally, we really love their pearls too. Chewy than other places, it’s definitely a must-try here.

Other Non-Yogurt Drinks To Try

1. Signature Fruit Tea

Next up we have something different. If milk is not on top of your list, then we recommend their fruit tea. Featuring healthy fruits such as orange, apple, dragon fruit and more, it’s the perfect drink to kick off the heat.

2. Matcha Oats

Matcha is a beautiful delight that’s enjoyed by the Japanese. But in recent years, it has definitely expanded into various countries. And here in Penang, you can find it at this yogurt place. A heartwarming drink that’s served warm, each sip comes with small pieces of soaked oat. Matcha flavour that isn’t too empowering, it’s a beverage with healthy elements.

3. Mixed Fruit Yogurt

Other than drinks, we’ve also tried a plateful of Mixed Fruit Yogurt. Filled with fruits to the brim of the plate, it contains up to 8 types of fruits! Available in 3 sizes, simply share amongst your friends or family and enjoy it with a drink.

From yogurt drinks that cure a lingering craving to bubble tea, Yogurt Ballet is a spot to visit if you’re needing a taste of something refreshing. Here’s a little information on how you can find them and where!


(Icon City) 25, Jln Icon City, Bukit Tengah, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

(Karpal Singh) 13, Persiaran Karpal Singh 2, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

(Nibong Tebal) Taman Perindustrian Nibong Tebal, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Penang.

Operating Hours: (Icon City) 11AM – 12AM | (Karpal Singh) 12AM – 12AM | (Nibong Tebal) 10AM – 10PM 

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