Xiao Long Kan Authentic Chongqing Hotpot Is Opening Its First Outlet In Penang

This just in: China’s famous Mala Hotpot – Xiao Long Kan is opening its first outlet in Penang! Unlike the Mala scene in KL, Penang is home to relatively less Mala hotpot and steamboat outlets. In Jan 2019, we first uncovered Hai Di Lao is opening in Gurney Paragon Penang, which received massive responses from all you foodies. We are sure you’d share the joy on this one too!

Picture by: alisterfooddiary (Instagram)

What Is Xiao Long Kan?

In case you didn’t know, Xiao Long Kan hotpot is a popular Sichuan/Chongqing style spicy steamboat chain originated from Chengdu, China. We tried it once in KL and it tasted really good. Knowing that they are finally coming really makes our day!

Expect to be treated like a king at Xiao Long Kan. From their excellent customer service, unlimited refills for drooling soups, to the long list of unique ingredients, nothing is not worth mentioning.

Picture by: alisterfooddiary (Instagram)

Xiao Long Kan Chinese Hotpot Penang Address

Now that they’re making their move to Penang, they are taking over Sunrise Tower, which is exactly next to Starbucks, where Sunrise Mcdonald’s was once located at!

Xiao Long Kan Chinese Hotpot

Address: 190-192, Persiaran Gurney, Sunrise Tower, 10250 Penang.

For now, there is no information about the exact date of their opening yet, but stay tuned to our page as we uncover the latest updates for all our foodie friends, just like we always do! That’s for today, see you next guys!

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