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Worry About Work No More & Travel Malaysia With Ease With DE Rantau!

Being one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Penang is always packed with tourists. Travelling is a lifetime goal but as a working adult, sometimes it can be quite inflexible. Listen up! You can let that worry go because we have just the perfect conducive place for you to work remotely!


Work Conducively With The DE Rantau Program By MDEC In Penang!

Hey, you. Yes, you who are reading this! Are you looking for a conducive space to work? We know that sometimes travel and work can clash. That’s why besides showing you all the fun stuff, we also want to provide you with an easy solution with the DE Rantau program by MDEC!

Say hello to Malaysia’s preferred digital nomad hub! DE Rantau is a vibrant ecosystem perfect for remote workers, digital freelancers, independent contractors and other digital nomads. You can find one of the DE Rantau coworking spaces called SETTLEMENTS tucked in the heart of George Town.

With stable internet connectivity and other services and facilities that support a nomadic lifestyle SETTLEMENTS is definitely perfect for you to enjoy your travel while focusing on plenty of things that matter most – be it your work, content for your channels and all else that they can offer!

Also, international travellers! They have the DE Rantau Nomad Pass for you. This exclusive pass eliminates the limitations of a normal tourist pass with prices of RM1,000 (main) or RM500 (dependent) so you are free to roam and enjoy:

  • Stay from 3 up to 12 months
  • Pass renewable for up to an additional 12 months
  • Able to bring in spouse & child/children

There’s More To It!

Of course, this coworking space is not only for travellers. If you’re looking for a work office or just a place to study diligently, this is the place for you too! With DE Rantau aiming to boost digital adoption and promote digital professional mobility, you can kiss all the worries goodbye. So register now to elevate your remote-working lifestyle to the fullest!


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