WHO Pastry Bureau: The First-Of-Its-Kind Korean Pastry Shop Is Now Open In Penang

Fancy yourself a K-pop enthusiast and a Foodie? If you are, then here’s a treat. There is a new pastry shop in town that is worthy of attention. Recently opened by Koreans, it boasts many delectable and savory baked goods that are perfect for any meals. It’s WHO Pastry Bureau, located inside Gurney Plaza!


There Is A NEW Korean Pastry Shop In Town

You may find this vibrant-colored shop right on the 4th floor of the bustling mall. It is located just right next to Cuts Salon, and across 68°c Optic. Make yourself comfortable in their orange and white setting while you relish in their delicious pastry and main meals.

French baguette with Tobiko, Mentaiko and Truffle cream

What makes this pastry shop special is that you can pair your favorite baked good with their array of homemade creams. Check out their bread selection with options such as baguette, croissant, and Swiss gipfel, and choose your cream choice of Tobiko, Mentaiko or Truffle. The cream is smeared onto the bread and toasted to perfection, then another layer will be added on top of the bread for your utmost enjoyment.

EXO set

Call out to all EXO-Ls and ARMYs! Take a look at these EXO and BTS sets that are as tempting as your Oppas. The EXO set includes two soft buns filled with cream fillings of your own choosing. Pick your favorite from choices including original, chocolate, matcha, lemon or garlic butter cream. The cream will be generously squeezed on top of the buns, then topped off with some extra crunch of almond, Lotuss Biscoff crumbs or chocolate chips.

BTS set

As for the BTS set, three melt-in-your-mouth milky buns are filled with the same choices of cream, providing customers with a taste that is “smooth like butter”. That is because they really do smear butter on each side of the roll before they apply your chosen cream in between and onto the buns. Perfect to eat as a shopping snack or a teatime pastry.


If you’re looking for more pastries, there is also a selection of À la cartes such as Vanilla Chocolate Twist, Apple Lattice, Hazelnut/Cinnamon Whirl, Donut and so on. Don’t forget to add on your preferred cream to dip or pour onto your pastry for some extra sweetness.


They have main meals too!

Breakfast croissant sandwich

Furthermore, you can choose to have your breakfast here with their savory croissant sandwiches and coffee. There are three types of ingredients you can choose from tuna, crabstick mayo and egg salad.


You can also opt for their breakfast set that consists of a sunny side-up, hot dog, sautéed mushrooms and salad. A nutritious meal to start your day!

Not to mention you can also order some tasty ramen here as your lunch and dinner. They offer soup or dry Korean ramen that goes well with a glass of Jeju Lemon Tea. Nothing fill up a hungry stomach better than a bowl of steaming ramen after a long shopping spree.

Pumpkintini and Dalgona Latte

For the drinks, their signature Pumpkintini is well-recommended for those who are fans of the pumpkin spice latte. The sweet texture of pumpkin puree blended with milk and cream makes the beverage irresistible for anyone. Coffee-lovers can also try their Dalgona Latte, which is topped with the Korean sugar candy made popular by Squid Game.

Try out the NEW WHO Pastry Bureau at Gurney Plaza

The question now is WHO should you invite to this new spot at Gurney Plaza. Whether you are hungry or tired after your shopping, you can always drop by at WHO Pastry Bureau for a meal or teatime snack. Visit this NEW pastry shop during your next shopping plans, and try out their unique delicacies that will surely fuel your day.

WHO Pastry Bureau

Venue: 170-04-09/10, Gurney Plaza, George Town, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm

Link(s): Facebook │ Instagram

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