White Paws Mansion: Not Your Ordinary Pet Cafe

Ever since its opening in November 2017, White Paws Mansion, a dog cafe dedicated to all cynophiles has attracted numerous canine lovers from every nook and corner of Penang to visit their fury kids. And here comes the most interesting part- it’s not just a cafe! Feeling confused? No worries, as we’ve curated a whole list of services which White Paws Mansion provides!

Facebook: White Paws Mansion

White Paws Mansion: Not your Ordinary Dog Cafe

1. Pet Cafe

Ever imagine how will it feel like sipping on a cup of coffee while being swarmed by a squadron of dogs? Why not take a break from your piling chores and head over to White Paws Mansion to experience it yourself! You’re even able to bring along your own fury kids there to join the fun!

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Facebook: White Paws Mansion
Facebook: White Paws Mansion
Facebook: White Paws Mansion

2. Basic Grooming

It doesn’t matter whether your pet dog is needing a shower, a fur trim, a shave on their belly & paw pads, or even nail filling, White Paws Mansion provides them all! And as a result, their perseverance in providing such attentive services are testified by the positive reviews left by their revisiting customers!

Facebook: White Paws Mansion

3. Pet Boarding

Still facing dilemma whether to go on a trip without leaving your beloved pet puppy behind? White Paws Mansion is here to rescue! Just like us Homo Sapiens, our fury kids have hotels too! Just accommodate them in White Paws Mansion and you’re ready for a purrrrrfect & carefree vacation!

Facebook: White Paws Mansion

4. Pet Accessories Supplier

As a one-stop store for all dog lovers, how could White Paws Mansion miss out on this? Dog snacks, supplements, feeders and grooming necessities… Yeppp! All are ready for grab in their store!

Indeed, White Paws Mansion is the comprehensive solution to all your pets’ needs. Thinking of pampering your fury kids? Visit their store today and you’ll know that your pets are in good hands. Still hesitating on which cafe in Penang to visit? Now you know the answer.

White Paws Mansion

Address: 95, Lebuh Noordin, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hour: 12 p.m.-10 p.m.

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