We’ve Just Discovered the Best American Cafe in Penang

Their milkshakes are bomb.

Penang has a thriving cafe scene, with buzzing city streets lined with a variety of cafes- from astonishingly sleek to historically quaint- and everything in between. There are also little pockets of tucked-away cafes, where words of mouth between Penangites get customers through the doors.

In this post, we’re about to share with you one of our favourite finds, where it becomes more popular as words get around- Let’s Meat, a vintage American-inspired cafe having a certain exclusivity about their secretive nature. Is Let’s Meat worth the hunt of tracking it down? Read and you’ll see.

Let’s Meat: Where Your American Gastronomical Dreams Come True

It can be hard to imagine why someone would ever want to seek American sub-culture or food when in Penang but sometimes you just need a little dose of home. Well, that could be heartfelt by Ben & his wife very well, the founders of Let’s Meat. Yes, Ben’s wife is a true American, and it’s when homesickness strikes which inspired the couple to bring the authentic taste of America all the way to Penang.

About the Space

While other cafes may suffer from occasional bouts of pretension, Let’s Meat manages to retain its own classical coffee shop charm. Enduringly popular for its attentive service and great food, this expat spot knocks it out of the park with its unhurried atmosphere and chilled out vibes, an eclectic laid-back cafe for us to congregate and to spend some lazy idle hours at.

Food Rundown

As a serene American hangout, Let’s Meat is a brunch beacon serving up a deceptively simple yet impossibly moreish American fare. Good provenance also abounds across the milkshakes, booze and excellent menu– welcome to the wholesome good life.

Sam I Am <RM28.90>

Served on multigrain toast, this eggs benny is layer after magnificent layer of poached eggs, gorgeously paired with smoked salmon. Swoon. With smashed avocados, jalapenos, salsa and green onions, all topped with a thick and flavorful hollandaise sauce, all the blend of flavours meld together into culinary perfection. Just order it and you’ve got yourself possibly one of the best mornings.

BYOB <RM14.90>

Homemade pork patty with your choice of toppings. You’ve heard it right. You get to build your own burger here. Creativity aside, this burger is packing a patty so porky the smell hits you as soon as the burger gets anywhere near, its crust smashed, charred and crisp, its inner depths juicy. The cheese is bright yellow and slappy, providing just enough ooze but no overwhelming flavour- exactly as burger cheese should be. To be honest, Let’s Meat’s effort is almost worth it for the side portion of fried potatoes, alone.

Hungry Man <RM37.90>

If your brunch appetite is on the larger side, Let’s Meat delivers. The ‘full and proper’ breakfast at Let’s Meat is indeed comprehensive. Comprising all the usual suspects, Hungry Man will fill you to the brim with smoked pork loin, bacon, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, all will set you back a mere RM37.90. Top off the experience with a cuppa and enjoy a breakfast extravaganza. Having a small appetite? Order their Not-So-Hungry Hungry Man for a smaller portion. Thank us later.

Biscuits & Gravy

Their biscuits and gravy which comes along with Hungry Man deserve a mention. Hungry Man is the dish to order, but their plain biscuit with creamy gravy is a wonder to behold. This is probably the only place where you can find true American biscuits with gravy in Penang. Unlike any other ordinary biscuits, American biscuits have a scone-like texture. The biscuits are tall, layered, light, and slightly chewy, having drenched in slightly salty gravy- that’s what we call absolute perfection.

Banana Foster Pancakes <RM15.70>

There are burritos a-plenty on Let’s Meat’s brunch menu, but their Banana Foster Pancakes deserve top billing. With fetchingly burnished edges from the skillet paired with in caramelised banana and accompanied with a hillock of softly whipped cream, they’re a pretty plateful, but also a mighty filling one. With a rather unpretentious appearance, it proved the saying “never judge a book by its cover” right- they’re incongruously lovely.

Green Giant <RM12>

After having a hearty meal, it’s best to wash them all off with their smoothies. In fact, Let’s Meat definitely had brought their smoothies to another level. Their smoothies menu displays a list of unusual selections- nowhere to be found in Penang. We ordered Green Giant, where the concoctions include green apples, spinach, mint, ginger, orange juice, honey and yoghurt. Semi-sweet and extremely refreshing, to order or not to order? That’s a no-brainer for sure.


Salted Caramel Pretzel <RM18>

Sweet and salty join forces in their Salted Caramel Pretzel milkshake, the result being an overwhelmingly scrumptious combination of rich caramel flavour, a hint of sea salt and creamy vanilla ice cream- it’s a sure-fire entry to milkshake heaven. Their milkshakes are the ones which will bring all the boys to the yard. Whether you opt for strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, it’s sure to hit all the right notes. Caffeine Addiction and Key Lime Pie are also an option, elevating your drink selection to the next level of delish.

To Meat or Not to Meat?

As effortlessly chilled as they come, Let’s Meat is American cafe of your dreams– everything is intended to soothe, staff are lovely, the brunch is great, and their milkshake is nigh-on irresistible. Although not strictly “hidden”, this cafe requires effort to find, however, it is another one that you will remember and return to, time and time again. Is it worth the hunt? Now you know the answer.

Let’s Meat

Address: 18, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hours: 8.00am- 9.00pm, closed on Sunday
*Not Pork-free & Alcohol-free.
Visit their Facebook.


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