Viral Wandering Russian Engineer Finally Reached Russian Embassy Thanks To Local Samaritan

Stay safe stranger

Now, this is how we should really use social media! During the MCO, almost half of the nation fell into a desperate marathon to survive. Some lose their income, while others lose family members. But whatever hardship that we went through, we know that someone in this country will lend a hand. As Lady Gaga song goes; Baby, we were born this way!

Found Weak By A Fast Food Restaurant

Wandering russian man
Photo: @EzaNurbaiti (Facebook)

It all started with a kind lady, @EzaNurbaiti, 33, who went out to buy some food for her kids at a fast food restaurant on the 15th May. There, she saw the Russian man and had the urge to read a cardboard sign that he held out. Saying “I can’t go home and I have no money. I need a food”. Touched, she went over and hand him a few greens, enough for him to have a meal.

Viral News That Touched The Netizen

Wandering russian man
Photo: @borakdaily (Facebook)

Eza said that the man looked very tired then. So she decided to help him more by making a post about him on her Facebook. Hoping that it could be massively shared. And somehow reach anyone that could be of help. And it did! On the same day, a netizen picked him up from the restaurant and delivered him to the police station. They then discovered that the man is a cargo engineer who went traveling to our country since 17th March. The post reached 14K shares in just three days!

The Russian Man Traveled Alone Since MCO Started

The Russian man, also known as Maxim Lapin, 42, was originally moving from Kuala Lumpur to meet up with his friends in Kuantan. However, once the MCO started they knew that they had to go back to their own country ASAP.

Wandering russian man
Photo: @MaximLa (Facebook)

“When the Movement Restricting Order (MCO) was announced on the 18th April, Lapin was already in Kuantan. The man tried to go back to his own country but all of his flight tickets were canceled,” Said Chief District Police, Assistant Commissioner Mohd. Yusri Othman.

Wandering russian man
Photo: @EzaNurbaiti (Facebook)

“Failed to contact his two friends, the man hitchhiked a lorry alone to Kuala Lumpur but was dropped at Temerloh instead,” He continued. Imagine walking day and night alone on the street during MCO. Cold vacant street with barely enough people to pass by and lend a hand.

Safely Delivered To The Russian Embassy

After having a session of questioning, the police took him to Tanjung Lalang Clinic for a COVID-19 checkup. In addition, the Temerloh Police Head Quarter even tried to contact the Russian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Finding out the best way to deliver him back to Russia.

Wandering russian man
Photo: @borakdaily (Facebook)

The power of social media boomed Eza’s post so much that the news reached Laxim himself. The guy then contacted Eza through his personal Facebook, @MaximLa, and thanked her on 16th April. He arrived at the Russian Embassy safely on the same day thanks to our diligent police force from Temerloh.

Wandering russian man
Photo: @EzaNurbaiti (Facebook)

Stay Safe Mister!

wandering russian man
Photo: @applehijau

Thank god! At least we now know that he is in safe hands now. We hope that you can get back to your country soon Maxim! Meanwhile, to every Malaysian that was involved in his little adventure, surely you will be remembered for life. Damn ninjas are cutting onions again. Well done guys!

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