Vighna Bamboo Biryani Is Now Offering Doorstep Delivery (For Free) This MCO

We’re all once again back to the MCO days. In case you’re curious about what this means, in the F&B sector, operation hours are only limited from 6 AM-8 PM. Additionally, dine-in is not allowed and we are all to source food via delivery, drive-thru, or takeaway only. As we are all once again adapting to the new norm,  Vighna Bamboo Biryani is now offering FREE delivery in Penang throughout MCO.

Vighna Bamboo Biryani Now Offers Delivery In Penang

Vighna Bamboo Biryani may be new in Penang but is actually quite a name for fragrant biryani rice across Malaysia. In fact, they’re available in Johor, Ipoh, Malacca and has recently opened the first Penang outlet at Chulia Street.

Vighna Bamboo Delivery Penang
Photo: @ifatkitty (Instagram)
Vighna Bamboo Delivery Penang
Photo: @vighna.bamboo.briyani (Instagram)

Here, hundreds of bamboo biryani are cooked in a large pot on a daily basis. This method of cooking ensures that biryani rice has an explosive fragrant to it. If you’ve tried out a plate of delicious biryani rice by Vighna, then you’ll know that they are saliva-drooling. Another must-try item here is the Claypot Biryani.

Vighna Bamboo Delivery Penang
Photo: @vighna.bamboo.briyani (Instagram)

Satiate Your Nasi Biryani Cravings

Since we cannot dine-in during MCO, you can now satiate your bamboo biryani craving by having them right to your doorstep! All you need to do is drop them a line and voila, enjoy some specialty bamboo biryani by Vighna via delivery at the comfort of your home. Enjoy!

Vighna Bamboo Delivery Penang

To order, call this number: 011-16903110

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram 

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