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Valentine’s Day Itinerary in Penang- Friends Date Edition

Friends Date Like Never Before

Valentine’s day is today and we are sure that you people have a full proof plan already. Here is the twist that we have been working on; a Valentine’s Day Itinerary in Penang- Friends Date Edition. Go out with your friends who have been there through thick and thin to show how much you value the friendships of so many years. Hey, we are not saying couples can’t use this layout plan, just you know we don’t want any of our foodie to be left out 😘.

Get Your Squad Together for Friends-Date


1. Go Big-Brunch

Grab some brunch with your dear friends to start the date on. Remember. GO BIG-BRUNCH! Sit down, relax, chillin’ and have some catching up sesh with them. Bet there are so many thing to tell and don’t rush on the stories. Enjoy the moment! Here are some of our favourites.


cr: @wearethenorm
cr: @owenkhoo

Meraki Coffee

cr: @kaylethean
cr: @amberyunyee

Wheeler’s Coffee

cr: @zdlee95
cr: @penangfoodie

2. Explore Art Galleries

Nothing can go wrong with the touch of arts for this Friends-Date. Get your artsy side fixed by exploring these aesthetically pleasing galleries. there are just simply divine. If time is on your side, go for all of them!

Hin Bus Depot

cr: @cosmos_pi
cr: @anna_suna

Art Space @China House

cr: @joecy0919
cr: @joeyyy98

a2 Gallery

cr: @nhea__
cr: @janevermore

41 Living Story

cr: @thiyaga27
cr: @ieraghazali

3. Tapau Hunting

Just when you thought food hunting is the best possible way to enjoy yourself with your friends wait until you try this; Tapau Hunting! it might sound slightly like “WHAT?” but there’s the reason why we want you to just do this. In the meantime here are some local delicacies that you can tapau!

Apong Guan (Apam Balik)

cr: @chan_deliers
cr: @chuey97

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

cr: @aqirazlah
cr: @qeelsaziz

Kareem Pasembur Rojak

cr: @anemazhari
cr: @chefnormanmusa

Hameed Pata Mee Sotong

cr: @lailafarhili
cr: @nbilayusuf

4. Picnic by the beach

YES you have guessed it correctly. Go picnic by the beach with all those tapau food you have bought. Tapau food ✔️, scenic beaches ✔️ and amazing friends ✔️. Does this not sound superb yet guys?

cr: @cheq.bunga
cr: @izuan.hashim

5. Watch sunset

The sun set down but the mood is not. Worry not, this is not the end of our friends-Date yet guys.

6. Dig in for Music Scene

We at Penang Foodie really are music enthusiast and we just like to get it in to our system. These are some live music scene that we want to share with you people 😎

Kim Haus

cr: @beyonddevil
cr: @midnightfusic

Micke’s Place

cr: @herykay_
cr: @hazziqazis

The Canteen

cr: @monntttt
cr: @thecanteenatchinahouse

Gusto Cafe

cr: @thepropositions
cr: @therealquiche_

7. Stargazing @Malindo Beach

Keep the adrenaline pumping up as we are going to end our Friends-Date with a high note this time around. Stargazing? Oh YASSS.

cr: @johnneoh

Valentine’s Day Itinerary in Penang- Friends Date Edition


If you haven’t planned on anything yet, hope this list will help out.  Lastly, we want you Foodie to have a blast Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to take nice photos together with your squad.


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