US Pizza’s Latest Pizza Creation is Vowed to Blow Your Mind

Trigger warning: Trypophobes

We all know that bubble milk teas are taking the internet by storm lately, or specifically just boba. Indeed, while bubble milk tea shops serving up the sweet-smelling silky tea concoction are a dime a dozen, an emerging number of cafes and restaurants are sprinkling their creativity by creating quirky boba-inspired meals.

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No matter you’re the most seasoned boba drinker, or you simply hate boba, all will leave you stunned. And here’s a new outrageous boba creation in Penang which will satisfy your inner bubble loving (and curiosity): US Pizza is playing wild by introducing their All-New Gula Melaka Boba Pizza!

 US Pizza’s Latest Pizza Creation Will Blow Your Mind

Ever since their refurbishment 4 years ago, US Pizza has never stopped stealing the spotlight from Penang’s food scene. At US Pizza, the sky’s the limit: they are constantly pushing themselves against boundaries by inventing new creations which will leave you in awe. In fact, they never disappoint. And here’s their latest pizza topping which will make your jaw drop.

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Boba Pizza by US Pizza?!

If it rhymes, it chimes. Yes. You’ve heard it right. US Pizza has introduced their all-new Gula Melaka Boba Pizza! Pizza and boba are our favourites of all times. Both of them are classics for a reason, and this is the place where you can even have both in one dish *mind-blown*.

The pizza here is always impeccable: super doughy with charred crust having that slightly smoky flavour, while the sloppy base is often piled high with toppings, all perfectly burnt. Now all is topped with glistening cheese and punchy boba- this is what we call the taste of heaven.

Their boba pizza- a judicious and pleasing ratio of sauce, cheese and crust: this is what we call structural integrity. Upon munching on their crispy crust, imagine the taste of their well-distributed cheese melting into your taste buds, chewy tapioca balls sliding along with dem cheese into your mouth and all that rounded up with their flavourful, savoury Gula Melaka sauce. All are astoundingly delicious.

Try US Pizza’s Gula Melaka Boba Pizza Today (Only Available at Greenlane Outlet)

Undoubtedly, this unique boba pizza will never let you look at your basic boba the same. If you want to step outside your boba comfort zone, this is the best opportunity for you to go wild with such insane toppings. Visit their Greenlane branch today and just give it a try!

Photo by @uspizzamalaysia
‼️Gula Melaka Boba Pizza is only available at US Pizza’s Greenlane Outlet. 

Address & Operating Hours:
Greenlane: 3D Lorong Delima, 11700 Pg | 10.30am- 10.00pm daily
Summerton: 110-01-12, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Summerton 11900 Pg | 10.30am- 10.00pm (Monday- Thursday); 10.30am- 11.00pm (Friday- Sunday)
Bukit Mertajam: 23, Jalan Perniagaan Gemilang 1, Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang, 14000 Pg | 10.30am- 11.00pm daily
Raja Uda: 3, Jalan Raja Uda, Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda, Butterworth, 12300 Pg | 10.30am- 10.30pm daily

Gula Melaka Boba Pizza (RM29.90, 9 inch)
Please visit their Website, Facebook & Instagram for more information.

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