Tried & Tested: RM25 Cow Cow Sundae At The First Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory In Penang

In case you missed out, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has finally landed on the island just a few days ago. It was one of the most highly anticipated openings in Penang, garnering more than 1,300 shares on Penang Foodie’s official Facebook page. Naturally, we had to head down to Gurney Plaza to try out the offerings. Read on to find out whether Cow Cow Sundae is worth the price tag of RM25!

What’s good in Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory?

Strategically located in front of the newly opened premium supermarket, Mercato, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory boasts a good selection of cookies, Hokkaido soft-serve, cheesecakes, and milk pie. All of the products are made with high-quality ingredients, commonly found in France, Spain, and Japan. With that said, the prices are higher than the usual price you will pay for packaged snacks and desserts.

1. Cookies

Starting with the cookies, there is a wide selection comprising different flavours including Salt & Camembert Cookies, Honey & Gorgonzola Cookies, and others. The packagings are perfect for gifting. Additionally, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory even rolled out festive packaging just in time for Christmas! There are different sizes available including ten pieces, twenty pieces, and assorted with twenty or forty pieces.

The price ranges from RM39.90 (Salt & Camembert Cookies – 10 Pieces) to RM140 (Assorted – 40 Pieces). It begs the question, are these cookies worth the price? Luckily, the staff was handing out some samples, and we had the opportunity to try out Salt & Camembert Cookies! The thin cookie was mildly flavoured and packed a crunch. Try it yourself before buying it! With individual packaging, these are not meant to binge on.

2. Cheesecake

Currently, there are two cheesecakes available. The Milk Cheesecake is priced at RM75, and Strawberry Milk Cheesecake is priced at RM85. Combining cheese from Japan and France, the cheesecake is beautifully wrapped with a thin layer of crepe. Seeing it in person, the cheesecake is small in size. We had figured that it probably feeds up to six people. We had the opportunity to try it out with our Cow Cow Sundae!

3. Hokkaido Soft-Serve

One of the most notable products from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is the famous Hokkaido soft-serve. There are three flavours to choose from including Cow Cow Milk, Cow Cow Cheese, and Cow Cow Twist, which is a combination of both flavours. You have the option to have the soft-serve in a cone or a cup. It is limited to only 50 cones per day!

This is the moment that we have all been waiting for. Introducing, Cow Cow Sundae! Ordering only one sundae, we had to make the best out of the situation. First, we ordered Cow Cow Twist flavour to try out the two flavours available and chose Strawberry Milk Cheesecake instead of Milk Cheesecake ’cause it was more expensive. Hehehe. It was served with a piece of Salt & Camembert Cookie, too!

So, is it worth RM25? Well, if you are planning to try out all the best things offered in Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, ordering a Cow Cow Sundae is the best way to do it. The amount of the soft-serve was pretty generous. The mildly flavoured soft-serve was really light, and the cheesecake made a very good counterbalance. Having the cookie as a topping definitely added a crunch! It is something worth trying once in your life.

4. Cow Cow Milk Pie

Here’s something else that we are truly excited to try out as well. Looking at the food replica with the cream oozing all out, we had to get our hands on it! Priced at RM9.90 per piece, and RM48.00 for a box of five, Cow Cow Milk Pie did not disappoint. The pastry was absolutely flaky, and the cream oozed out dramatically. This is something worth trying! Pst, it is only available in this store throughout the whole of Malaysia.

Now open in Gurney Plaza

This is our first experience in a Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory kiosk, and it was pretty great. There is a small sitting area facing Mercato, good enough to sit back and enjoy some Hokkaido soft-serve. If you are planning to buy cookies as gifts, you will be happy to know that the staffs are knowledgeable and helpful. Will you be adding this to your Christmas wish list?

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Address: Basement floor of Gurney Plaza, in front of Mercato.

Operating Hours: Opens daily, 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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