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Top 5 Things To Do Near Little India Penang

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Here’s our write-up about Little India, Penang. Loud Indian music. Colorful bulbs lighting the street. Aunties loosely draped in a 9-yard saree side glancing the girls in their mini skirts. Overflown sweets drenched in ghee decked one above another enticing backpackers strolling by. Oh, and the star of the street would be the ‘Unamused Dosa Man’. These are the little glimpse of Little India that varies according to the time and the mood of the day.


Depicting the essence of Motherland, Litlle India was a gift to every part of the world to represent a slice of home at their adopted country for the immigrants when they first stepped into. Known as Little Madras by the British, the largest influx of Indians and their myriad trades occurred during the early part of the twentieth century. By late 70’s what they’ve built is what we see now. Rich in silk and abundant with recipes on paper stained by turmeric and soul, its a street of light, colours and love.

By Iamhuling


1. Gift Yourself A Saree

A modesty of a woman kept sacred by a garment that dates back 1800 BC, sarees are a canvas of an imagination that has adapted over time and as entrenched in our culture as it as was.From the finest of silk to the budget yet elegant sarees, it will be love at first sight as your hands trace over handwoven work of art. Ranging from MYR 50 to a few thousand ringgit, the perfect saree is not about how much you spent but rather what’s perfect to the eyes of the beholder.

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Plus, no ones get a saree and no accessory. Located right opposite Gayathri Saree Centre, there this cute little jewelry shop where you can shop for earrings less than MYR10. You’re welcome 🙂


2. Eat like the locals


Is it weird to grow up having banana leaf 4 days a week and still drooling at the sight of to this day? I hardly think so. Here in Little India, from Vegetarian restaurants to Non-Veg, Banana leaf to Briyani and Cheese naan to Puffy Bathura’s, the list never ends. We suggest some loose pants and no belts.
Our Fav Picks:
Veloo Villas (Banana Leaf),
NR sweets (Cheese Naan and Paneer dishes)
Woodlands(Chai, Bathura & Briyani).


3. Exchange money with the Best Rates

Known for their best rates to exchange foreign currency, the stretch of money changers is located at the edge of little India lined up along Pitt Street. Be sure to step into a few shops and compare the best rate for full satisfaction. You’ll never know if you don’t ask aka. KIASU GANG!

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4. Snack Time @ NR Sweets Cafe


You know it’s made with love when it melts in your mouth. In this bustling ethnic enclave, Indians are nothing without their profound love for sweets. Serving homemade favorite such as keseri and ladoos made just like grandma’s, NR Sweets Cafe is dedicated to producing creamy and sweet desserts buttered with a right amount of ghee. With up to 40 types of sweets on display, the choices are endless. NR Sweets are also famous for their Vegetarian Thali. Thali is a ‘large plate’ consisting of rice, few vegetables and curries served in small bowls. We’d recommend sharing as it usually comes in a big portion.


5. Check out the Gold Stores


Indians LOVE gold. Be it a wedding or casual day out, no Indian lady leaves the house without wearing gold accessories. And to suit the needs of the culture, these gold shops operating for more than 50 years will make jaws drop with their intricate and truly masterful pieces on display. And we all know you can never have too many accessories 🙂 Be sure to check out Tamilarasi as their known for their best rate in town.

By Iamhuiling

And that’s a wrap! Hope to share with you guys more on the streets of Penang and the significance it holds that makes our island abundantly rich with history and heritage. Be sure to comment and tell us what you’d like to see more in our articles, Till then, Adios Amigos!!

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