Top 5 Places To Eat Durian In Penang

Where to eat durian in Penang? As the end of the durian season draws near, there are more reasons than ever to head down to the nearest stalls near you to pile up on this king of fruits.

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5 Best Durian Stalls in Penang

We tend to be a little (very) snobby when its concerning anything we take pride in. DUH. One is everything and second in this case would be the quality of the durians in Penang aka.Top Notch.The bias statement can be justified by the earth-shattering responses as queue’s stretches at durian stalls and pop-up trucks fill the stretch. To make the search easier, in today’s article, we have compiled top 5 places to eat durian in Penang.

1. Bao Sheng durian @ Balik Pulau

Having a exceptional durian is one thing. Educating yourself on the types, having a hands-on experience of plucking them from the tree and enjoying every bits of it from it’s birthplace is something else. Inherited from his father, Mr Sheng aka Durian Sheng is the guide to your dreamland. With more than 6 different options of durians  and facts from Durian Sheng, you’ll be heading back as Durian professional and a happy belly.

durians in penang

Address:150 Mk2 Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau, 11000 Penang, Pulau Pinang  012-411 0600

Different time is allocated to focus on various species of durians in Penang. Visit their page for more info!

durians in penang
cr: Year of the Durian

2. Ah Telk’s Durian Stall @ Lorong Susu

We’ve heard of cat fights but not durian-fights. Well you might need to get into one to get the best ones in stock or simply avoid the drama and crowd by getting there earlier.Known for their Milk Durian, these fellas are worth the time and effort. Wrinkly,yellowy and oh so creamy in the mouth ,we thank the universe there’s a season for this and not available all year around or we’d be in a durian-coma. Though the price here is a bit steep compared to other places, its a worth the try at least till you find your favorite stall.

durians in penang
cr: melissahjm
durians in penang

Lorong Susu, George Town, Penang Island 10400, Malaysia

Tel: +60 12-438 388

3. Musang King @ Opposite Ah Teik Stall

Inheriting the essence of sweetness and creaminess with a hint of bitterness to it, Musang king is treasured for its balanced combo to many durian-philes out there. 30 feet from Ah Teik stalls, the name of this stall is an optimum effort at attracting the choosy customers. They’re certainly going to be receiving attention from us for the buttery beauty they’re offering.

durians in penang
by instaotel

Location: Corner of Jalan Kek Chuan and Jalan Macalister, about 30 feet from Ah Teik’s stall

4. Leng Durian @ Anson Road

Pic credit: littlepirouette

The next best durian spot in Penang is Leng Durian. Started out small and eventually gaining popularity due to their location and quality of the food without exploiting the price, Ah Leng durian is one of the durian stalls along the Anson road that is worth checking out. Can we just all take a moment and witness the joy on this picture! If this is not ‘The’ durians in Penang then which is?

Ranging from rm18 to rm25 for a red prawn per kilo, customers usually weigh in their cravings more than the money they’ll spent since its not everyday you get to enjoy a good durian in a blissful surrounding with your family and friends.

durians in penang
cr: Everplaces

Address: Jalan Anson, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang\

Opens from 10am to 8pm (7 days a week)

5. Lim Brothers @ Balik Pulau

Albeit the distance, we were really keen on the traditional way of consuming durians and owning more than 20 species of Durian, the Lim brothers welcome thousands of eager local and outsiders to immerse in the beauty of mother nature while indulging in a sinful variety of luscious durians in Penang. Ranging from Hor Lor, D14 to Kun Poh, the farm is abundant with the goodness of not just durians but also farming various species of rambutan and langsat. Are y’all ready to venture in this land of paradise or what?

durians in penang
Malay mail Online
durians in penang
Malay Mail Online

Mk 5, Titi Serong, Balik Pulau

Tel: 04-8668551

Open daily from 10 am to 8pm

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