Top 10 Restaurant You Should Order at DeliverEat

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Feeling hungry but too lazy to go out and da bao? Guys, we feel you! What if there’s someone who can deliver it to your house within few clicks away? Aha! Caught your attention? Then, you should continue reading.


Today, we would like to share a good news! Just because you guys are awesome, we talked with our friends at DeliverEat and they will be giving away promo code to all of our Penang Foodie readers! Yes, that means if you apply “penangfoodie” voucher code, you get FREE deliveries to your doorstep.

Free Delivery For Penang Foodie Readers!

Yup, only for Penang Foodie readers! What are you waiting for? Sign up for an account on their page and start using it today! Put this promo code when you are checking out; penangfoodie. See, trouble no more!

Can’t decide what to order? Don’t worry, we picked top 10 best food you should order from them! Below are our picks, with no particular orders.

PROMO CODE: penangfoodie

*It’s free and Penang Foodie won’t get any commission from the transactions.

1. Nando’s

In the mood for chicken? This Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant serving flame-grilled chicken in spicy chilli sauce is the answer. DeliverEat comes to the rescue. They will pack up the delicious selected PERi-PERi chicken of yours and the next thing you know is the knock on your door.

cr: @nandosmy
cr: @nandosmy
cr: @nandosmy

2. Kyochon 1991

Fried chicken enthusiast, we are calling out for you people to have a taste of this perfectly Korean deep fried chicken. Select from their series of soy garlic, red pepper, honey salsa and many more. A click is not that hard to order this menu on their app or site.

cr: @mykyochon
cr: @mykyochon
cr: @mykyochon

3. Tealive

Sometimes it can get really hot here on the island. Oh wait Malaysia is hot. The point is if you are feeling thirsty and the weather isn’t helping also tired with plain water then just click on the app and select Tealive on your list. Choose their selected flavours and enjoy it for the day.

cr: @tealiveasia
cr: @tealiveasia

4. Kenny Rogers Roasters

Nothing can go wrong with more chicken menu on this list. Chicken is lit and even more lit if it’s a roasted one. Kenny Rogers Roasters is the perfect one for you chicken lovers. Don’t forget to order extra on their homemade muffin.

cr: @am.alfayed
cr: @carol.eats

5. Sushi King

We at Penang Foodie super love sushi and we know that you guys are too. This is your time to order more of it by using the promo code given by DeliverEat. Who said you can’t have sushi at home?

cr: @sushikingmalaysia
cr: @sushikingmalaysia

6. Spades Burgers

Furthermore, DeliverEat also has put on Spades Burgers on their Top 10 Restaurant You Should Order at DeliverEat. Forget all about those fast food burger and have a bite on their super tasty burgers. Ranging from pork patty to beef, chicken and even fish. Doesn’t that sounds cool to your tummy?

cr: @karlok_dnm
cr: @spadesburger
cr: @mr.gilbert

7. Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Time for dessert! Cheesecake lover will be so on cloud nine that now DeliverEat can send them this handmade cheesecake upon ordering with online.

cr: @uncletetsumalaysia
cr: @uncletetsumalaysia

8. Chili’s Grill & Bar

Grill them those ribs and blaze it in you mouth. Chili’s Grill & Bar serves a distinct mix of Southwestern-inspired, classic American and International flavours. With the selection from Beef Ribs, Sizzling Fajitas and Boneless Buffalo Wings.

cr: @chilismy
cr: @artorigios

9. Morganfield’s

This American restaurant is on our Top 10 Restaurant You Should Order at DeliverEat. They are the home of Sticky Bones specializing in Pork Ribs. A simple click online will direct straight to a knock on your door. Dinner will be much more easier now.

cr: @qting_92
cr: @szemei_99

10. Xuan Feng

Ramen is your thing? Then Xuan Feng must be up to your liking. Last but not least on this Top 10 Restaurant You Should Order at DeliverEat is those noodles and ramen from Xuan Feng Restaurant.

cr: @david_dsym
cr: @reika_ling

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