Top 10 New Bars In Penang You Need To Check Out

List: 10 new bars near Penang.

As the sun goes down, this island reveals a kind of energy nocturnals ease into during the clinking of glasses with every crack of joke and rhythms to get you swaying from left to right. Now I’m that kind of person to always hop around bars in Penang and on the lookout for new bars to rejuvenate and get it going. So if you’re reading this,  then you’re right on track to discover the Top 10 New Bars In Penang. Let’s get the party started, shall we?


1. Scissor Sisters

Located by the hustling street and ancient bars, what’s so cool about this newbie? How about it being the Only LADIES Bar in town? That’s right ladies. Get your full glam attitude and highest heels on cuz we’re about to show ‘Em who’s the boss here. Greeted by Queen B at the front, this place sweetens the tongue with a buzz and spices the night out with the girls!



Scissor Sisters
Address: 399, Chulia Street, George Town, Pulau Pinang (Opposite Pokok Bar)
Operating Hour: 9 a.m.-1 a.m.
More Info:

2. Pokok

Simply translated as a ‘Tree’ in Malay, Pokok Bar with its hint of naturalistic vibe in the midst of chaotic street attracts a fusion of travellers from tourists to backpackers and locals wanting a fresh and a lively spot to chill with draught beers or freshly made cocktails. And if it gets too mellow (unlikely), there’s always some live bands in this bar in Penang to get you to sing along and get ‘Jiggy with it’.

New Bars in Penang



New Bars in Penang

Address: Lot, 227, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang
Hours: 6 PM to 3 AM. Opens Daily
Phone: 012-545 6152


3. Gentlemen’s League

James Bond, black suit, and whiskey neat are some of the things that come to one’s mind as we step into this new bar in Penang. Though no James Bond, the ambiance, and men in black suits will certainly be pleasing to the eye.  Serving you a selection of beers and hards liquor for the night birds looking to wind down and relax in a lush environment, Gentlemen League is a bar in Penang you need to indulge yourself in.

New Bars in Penang



New Bars in Penang

Address: 70, Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 7 PM to 3 AM. Opens daily.
Phone: 019-773 8853

4. Barfly

Let’s put it out there! We all like good bars but we certainly love some good cheap beer hence this is definitely a Flyest-bar in town (get it lol) as they serve drinks as low as RM 5 for a mug. Are we hearing this right? You bet you do. On a budget? As great Frank Sinatra said, Come fly with me 🙂

New Bars in Penang


News Bars in Penang

Address: 27 Jalan Gurdwara (183.44 km) 10300 George Town, Malaysia
Phone:  017-524 8138
Bussiness Hours: 4 pm to 2 am

5. Godspeed

With the touch of the colonial scene, Godspeed brings Whiteaway arcade to life as the day turns to dusk. An aesthetic backdrop for the millennial crowd, good music, friendly people, and good vibes make for an excellent bar in Penang.  And this joint sets the bar at where it needs to be.

News Bars in Penang

News Bars in Penang
by Penang_eats

News Bars in Penang

Address: L3, 96, Atrium B , Prangin Mall , 33 Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong , Georgetown ,10110 Pulau Pinang

6. No. 5 Bistro

Committed to having fun while serving local-inspired gin using local ingredients in an ambiance of Asian feels from wayang kulit designs, the No.5 bistro is all about refining to best at what they do. While they serve food on the finer side, they’re equally delighted to take it up a notch by serving you drinks ranging from coffee, wines to beers. Thus, if you’re in a mood for fine dining and finer wine, adding this bistro to the list goes without saying. While ain’t the cheapest deal in town, they compromise it with a classy outlook and exceptional service.


Address: 109 Lebuh Victoria 10300 George Town, Malaysia
Phone: 010-374 9991

7. The Tuns Wine Bar

While some are a fan of beers, wine does it for the classier crowd and we have just the thing for you. The Tuns Wines Bar in Penang oozes charisma in a subdued environment. In simpler words, this is the space to unwind and relax over a glass of exquisiteness.


Address: 441-G-5, Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Penang
Hours: 5 pm to 2 am. Closed on Sundays and Wednesdays
Phone: 012-409 6036

8. The Whiski

Relatively new in town, this elegant venue brings class in a glass. Though it may not seem like much at the first glance, upon stepping in, you’ll get swept into simplicity and comfort.  Plus, live bands in the house are always on toes to get the mood going.


Address: Karpal Singh Dr, Georgetown, George Town, Penang
Phone Number: N/A

9. Rockafellas

Rock and roll gang, it’s time to head out because we have the ultimate place for you. Bringing New York to the Pearl of the Orient, be mesmerized by their amazing menu, live music, drinks made with love (a bit steeper for the cocktails but worth every penny) and its wicked atmosphere in this bar in Penang. It’s a combo you don’t want to miss so get out there and live it up.

Address: 437, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang
Hours: 12 PM TO 2 AM. Opens Daily
Phone: 04-251 9368

10. Three Environment

Giving it away with its name, this bar in Penang brings three concepts in one roof. Get the haircut, pamper yourself with a meal and end it with a drink without the hassle. Sounds like every man’s dream. Lucky for you kids out there, from 11.45 am to 3 pm, this salon fusion bar offers a 4-course meal starting from RM19.90.  Easy, boujee and pocket-friendly. This just might do it.


Address: 124-F, Jalan Burma, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 11.45 AM- 12 AM
Phone: 010-228 4832

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