Top 10 Foods To Eat At Icon City Penang

Love the foods!

Located along Jalan Bukit Tengah, approximately 7 minutes away from Auto City, Icon city is a commercial development that has been occupied by classic, modern and trendy cafes and restaurants that have been popping and blooming thanks to our people. And we Penangites are born to hunt and prey. So here we are with the top 10 foods to eat at Icon City. Let the search begin!

10 Best Restaurants And Food At Icon City

1. Hideout City

Serving you both western and oriental dishes, Hideout city is your to go to restaurant anytime there. What a treat it would be for early riser wanting to have a hearty meal without immersing in sweat and hot stoves as they open at 9’30 and serve piping hot eggs that alert your senses before it makes its way to your table. With its price range, you would be able to try a few dishes without drilling a hole in your wallet.

One of our favourite, because its straight up‘HEALTH’ (sure.) would be the Salmon Carpaccio. At rm13.90 this light combination of arugula, smoked salmon and some sweet-pickled fruits to give a nice kick will be a hard dish to say no to even during the ‘I’m not that hungry’ days.

2. Kaze Japanese Restaurant

Slightly positioned on a higher end in terms of price, service, choices and of course quality, Kaze Japanese Restaurant lives up to the standard they present themselves as.You would think getting a table in this one story building restaurant would be plain sailing, but I kid you not.Making a reservation ahead would be advisable as it usually full house during dinner hours.

What can we say? The menu provides you anything and everything the Japanese dish list consist of. For Rm38, their sashimi, sushi and mini udon set, try their Sashimi, Sushi and Mini Udon Set (Rm 38) that comes with a bowl of comforting Udon with Dashi stock, fresh Sashimi and a few choices of Sushi would make you run for your money and leave you to come back for more.




3. Fourspoon Desert Cafe

Speaking of coming for more, when does one say no to DESSERTS? ERMMM NEVER ??!!! Placed right above Saambap Korean Restaurant, this simple yet lively space aims to swoon you with their homemade soft serves ranging from the classic vanilla to their bold black sesame ice cream that will melt in your mouth with its cloud-like texture and get you drooling before you reach the full-stop of this sentence.

That goodness served on a hot, crispy-crusted waffle drizzled with honey. We’re swooning.What are you waiting? Buckle up, race there (don’ first !) and get your hands dirty off those bad boys.


4. The Will’s Brassiere

Just like Hannah Montana in best of both worlds,Will’s Brassiere leads the double life as they satisfy both the casual and meat-loving diners.Do not be fooled by their casual interior as this place is more than meets the eyes.Offering a wide premium range of products you can find at a display fridge at the back of the dining area, this restaurant will cook up a meal to suit your taste and preference be it with a New Zealand Lamb loin or Angus beef. Since we’re here might as well put in a good word for their New Zealand Lamb Loin with Red Wine Sauce and Rosemary Potatoes which will be priced according to the weight of the meat. And their crab olio spaghetti.Al dente in every way possible!Best visited on a Thursday,you’ll get to relish on a 50% discount for the 2nd main course.


5. Two Seven Coffee

Ever heard a cafe known for its warm milk. The only warm milk we’ve ever drunk outside is the famous cow ’s milk usually prepared by this Indian uncle by the roadside nearby Air Itam to be exact. Well, he’s certainly not the only option now if you ever find yourself at Icon city and in this cafe. Just with a right amount of sugar and aroma, it’ll serve you all that good childhood vibes. With nothing of lavishness, this simple setting is to get you to hog on light snacks, drink some warm milk and get you refreshed for the busy day ahead.




6. Ittan Izakayas

Tantalizing the taste buds with the finest and freshest sashimi, air-flown and imported from the tsujiki fresh market, Ittan Izakaya is a getaway for the Japanese enthusiasts. From the extravagant decor filled with wooden crates and colorful Japanese ornaments to the well-trained staffs that will leave you shook to the core with their enthusiasm, this dine-in would truly be an experience.


Revolving around 4 concepts of dining which are grilled seafood, kushiyaki, sashimi and wine, the restaurant guarantees quality and service. And if you’re feeling‘YOLO’we’d dare you to try the chicken sashimi at only rm12.90. Bloggers have been taken back by surprise with this delicacy, but one has to try to know for themselves!


7. Thong Lor Thai Restaurant

Originated from the land of tom yam, it is in their best interest to serve their customers authenticity and originality through their dishes. Featuring an utterly lip-smacking list of dishes that will lead the tongues to get on fire, you’re in for a real treat by ordering their tom yum (DUH), spicy mango salad, green curry chicken that feels like a pillow under our head and pad Thai among many other exquisite options.

I mean, is an Alaskan King Crab Platter exquisite enough for ya? And when we say its budget-friendly, we speak nothing but the truth.Thus, we suggest you to head over there in a group, order anything and everything that pleases the tongue, spice It up ‘Somtam’ style, split the bill like a boss. (Cheapo boss maaa CAN LA CAN LA)

8. G9 Dining House

Pandan Leaf and Gula Melaka? Doesn’t that just take you back to the Pandan Kuih days and give you all of that nostalgic feels! Well, our lovely G9 Dining House here took it up a notch with their creative menu by inventing the ‘Pandan pancake with Gula Melaka’ from the original version of Kuih Tayap. Surely an invention we’d love to get our hands on.


9. Young Sheng Hot Pot

If you’re considering a healthier dining option, Icon City is proud to present to you the Young Sheng Hot Pot. This restaurant combines dishes that has the perfect balance for a healthy diet without compromising good flavors. If you’re a newbie here we’d suggest you to start it off with the signature Duck Pot that comes with Fresh greens and Goji berries. Some would consider it comforting. Albeit, as this is a taste which needs to be acquired, it would be recommended to look it up before your first visit.



10. Gelato

It’s rather fair to end this list by featuring Gelato. Considering the humid weather, the drive there and the dehydrated system. I mean, there’s no such thing as too much Gelato, don’t you reckon? Who am I kidding? Derived from an Italian word, Gelato is ‘Frozen’ ice creams lower in fat and higher in sugar (NO Guilt tripping). Made delicately for a deep flavour, their Macha and Pistachio Gelato will get you giggling like a school kid in a candy shop.


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