Top 10 Famous Food In Georgetown Penang

Penang forever lives in the heart of food lovers. Locals unite over a teh tarik and nasi lemak before they head separate ways. A chendol by the roadside is the remedy for the scorching heat burning the skin and a packet of rm1.20 Char Bee Hoon goes a long long way. Proud and overwhelmed, here are the Top 10 famous food in Georgetown we think deserves your attention.


10 Best Food in Georgetown Penang


1. Char Koay Teow @ Siam Soad

credit: VKeong

From all these years of breakfasting this, the perfect Char Koay Teow we believe encompasses the perfect balance of spicy,sweet and savory flavored smooth rice noodles cooked with crunchy bean sprouts an egg to fold it all together, big juicy cockles, 3 succulent prawns (sign of a famous food in Georgetown) that is usually gathered on the side of the plate (invisible to the siblings) to relish during the final bites. We believe Siam Road Uncle does it the best. Started from the bottom (helllla drake), this uncle has mastered and conquered leaving us amazed at this beautiful hot coal creation every single time.

cr: Penang Food For Thought

Jalan Siam, George Town, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 3:00pm till finish Close on Monday.


2. Nasi Kandar @ Line Clear

There’s a local belief that ‘the dirtier the place is, the tastier food will be’ and most famous foods in Georgetown live by this rule. Hard to deny in most cases here in Penang and Line Clear ranks no.1 in both aspects. GOTCHA! Well, it certainly was like that until the public health enforcers closed down the place as the restaurant wasn’t in the best hygienic state during early 2017. and guess what? They’ve reopened and its clean alright!

Serving you the crispiest fried chicken, telur dada, good amount of cabbage cooked with turmeric and carrot, kuah banjir (flooded mix curries) for just rm6.50 (apparently) will give you all the feels and strength you need to get pass the beastly line and get your hands on a plate of this classic godly goodness.

credit: TheHive.Asia


cr: RasaHub

There’s never just one good Nasi Kandar restaurant so be sure to check out


Address: 177, Jalan Penang, 10000, George Town, Penang.

Operating Hour: 24/7

3. Dim Sum @ Aik Hoe Restaurant

Operating since the 50’s, this ancient dim sum eateries is the hangout spot for Nǎinai and Yéyé. You know it’s still good when they still opt for that so of course it would be featured in the top 10 famous food in Georgetown without a doubt. Home-made and fresh out of their kitchen, this authentic dim sum is high on quality and light on the pocket.

credit: pal.lm
cr: pal.lm

No.6 & 8 Lebuh Carnavon Georgetown 10100 Penang, Penang, 10100, Georgetown, Penang

Open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

4. Roti Canai @ Transfer Road

Land marking a road with its significance, this roti canai is served by the roadside which is occupied by bustling vehicles is a common sight of this island. Seated on a facing the magnificent traffic, the roti canai is best had with their tender chicken curry slow cooked right in front of your eyes and washed down with a hot teh tarik is a pleasant start to a perfect day.

cr: Twitter

Jalan Transfer, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Business Hour : 7.30am – 1.30pm, finished around 11.30 during weekend & public holidays.

5. Rojak @ G.P Soon Gurney Drive

 Located among the most happening location back in the days, the stall no.39 unlike other mediocre dishes there, serves a famous rojak which combines the fruits with a thick juicy shrimp paste and topped it off with nuts for a crunchier fruit salad. You’ll rather get the rm7.00 worth of rojak all to yourself.
by Kurt’s Photography
Stall No. 39, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, 172, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 , George Town, Penang
Operating days & hour : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 09:00PM—02:00AM

6. Indian Vege Meal @ Woodlands

 Dedicated to all the vegetarian habibi’s out there, you think we’d let you miss out on the fun?  Located in the heart of little India this restaurant strives with ease to satisfy their customers by serving authentic South-Indian meals such as their special Thali as the example.
caption: Route nach Unbekannte Straße
by iNPenang
Commonly found in Tamilnadu canteens and also a famous food in Georgetown, thali is a meal plate that has a variety of dishes that embodies 6 different types of flavors for complete satisfaction (not so amazed by those uncles belly now) Keeping it short on information and more of indulgence. Do try out their Bathura (flat bread) with chickpeas stew for only rm6.50 (budget friendly). A glass of madras coffee to go with it. Utterly blissful for supper on a rainy day.No wonder this is famous.
by nishalee_mua
Address: 60 Lebuh Penang, 10200 George Town, Penang.
Operating Hour: 8:30 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)

7.  Puttu Mayong @ Little India

Originated from Southern India and devoured by the locals, Puttu Mayong is white rice noodles made out of corn and rice flour paired with brown sugar and grated coconut.
by: Кино для всей семьи
 Easily fooled by its simplicity, this fluffy,airy texture like breakfast/snack has the power to recharge the body for a busy day ahead. Try it for yourself from the very famous pop up puttu mayong stall that has been there for more than decade now and feel the power be bestowed upon you.
caption: Fauzan Barakat

8. Street Food @ Chulia Street

Why show you one when I can show you ‘Many in One’!! Any Asian countries you visit have one thing in common and that would be a stretched line of hawker stalls by the road and we DO NOT COMPLAIN. Designed for cheap eating and consist of various dishes to pick from, we can never have enough of it. Apart from all the hawker stalls station scattered all over Penang, Chulia street are one of those spot that gained it’s recognition for some of their best selling famous hawker food. Wan tan mee, and Lor bak is a must.

Famous Food in Penang
cr: Dean Wickham
Famous food in Penang
by Mu Qin Toh

9. Nasi lemak @ Ali Nasi Lemak

 Known as the staple dish of Malaysia, it wouldn’t be faithful (yes, its a matter of cheating) if we didn’t include nasi lemak in this list. And you’ve probably heard about this place, smelled it, tasted, bought 2 more and packed some for later. Yes, we’re referring to the ever famous Ali’s nasi lemak. Drenched in aromatic belacan sambal, this delicate piece that comes with different types of toppings is just BEST GILER. please tell us why this doesn’t t be in the famous food in Georgetown?
cr: FriedChillies

10. Muntri Mews

Trying to mix it up a little, Muntri Mews is featured in this article due to its classic menu with a hippy ambiance that is both cosy and casual. Their menu holds few yet utterly authentic options such as the Mew’s Nonya laksa lemak or beef rendang that is made with such dedication, it feels almost feels like grandma’s home. Ohits gets better knowing there’s no usage of MSG in any of their dishes. Attracting both the locals and the tourist, this cafe is best at what they do. If you find yourself looking for a place to take your loved ones, look nowhere else!

credit: len_j_p
by bkkbelly


For Café reservations, please call +604 263 5125 or email

Address : 77, Jalan Muntri, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Best Georgetown Food in Penang!

Finally, ready to sail. So we have the Top 10 famous food in Georgetown. Hope you enjoy the new places, relish on your favorites and get back to us with your opinions on our picks. Looking forward to sharing many mroe exciting things your way. Cheers!

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