Top 10 Events Happening in October Penang 2018

Hello October!

“Aiyo why so boring wan these days? There’s nothing to do in Penang lah……” No worries foodies, we’re here to tell you October is going to be fun! Educative, future planning, drinking, food and many more, just scroll down to find out amazing events happening in October Penang 2018.

#1 [4-14/10] Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

“Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Big bad wolf, big bad wolf…….” the nursery rhyme that we once adored has now turned into reality, let’s just say for the better. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the world’s BIGGEST book sale, with a 75% – 95% discount off retail prices for ALL books across all genres. Be it old-favorites, modern romance, grown-ups, kids’ wonderland, you’ll definitely find a book that suits you. We could say this BBW is one of the greatest events happening in October Penang 2018, and a meaningful one of course.

Venue: Level 7, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.
Time: 10 a.m.-12 a.m.
More Info:


#2 [5-21/10] DreamWorks KouKou Fun Time

Sunway Carnival Mall brings the first DreamWorks KouKou Fun Time to Penang! Meet your favourite cartoon characters like Po and Mei Mei from Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Alex from Madagascar and more. Take thousands of pictures with the characters and life-size food sculptures like of Penang’s favourite local food such as Char Kuey Teow and Hokkien Mee! There are tons of interactive activities like DreamWorks KouKou Dumpling and Catcher Challenge to win mystery prize, crafts and colouring workshops for kids . So bring your family to this fun-filled events happening in October Penang 2018 for some bonding session.

DreamWorks Character Meet & Greet Schedule:

Event Date: 5 Oct – 21 Oct
Venue: Sunway Carnival Mall, Penang.
Time: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
More Info:

#3 [14/10] Optimax LASIK Carnival

Foodies, how much do you care about your eyes? We’re here to tell you that your eyes are important and it’s time for a check. For those who are interested in LASIK but don’t know where to begin, head over to Optimax LASIK Carnival. They’re giving free LASIK screenings and also VR LASIK Experiece! Get consultation about LASIK and enjoy tons of activities. Also, there’ll be a blood donation campaign happening, help save lives okay? This is one fruitful events happening in October Penang 2018, so be a better you.

Venue: Optimax Eye Specialist Hospital. 223, Jalan Masjid Negeri, Jelutong, 11600 Penang.
Time: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
More Info:

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#4 [27/10] The Top Penang Biggest Craziest Halloween Tower Festival

If you didn’t already know, the month of October is filled with spooks and treats. That’s right, Halloween guys, most celebrated festival in Hollywood movies. While Malaysia (Asia) doesn’t do trick-or-treats or throw massive house parties, we still quite celebrate them. Party all night long at the Top Penang along with other 3,000 “freaks” and have fun. They have tons of activities and even a selfie competition and DJ session. Feel the Halloween vibe with this events happening in October Penang 2018.

Venue: The Top @ Komtar, Penang.
Time: 6 p.m.-12:30 a.m.
Tickets & More Info:


#5 [26-28/10] Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo

Yesss we have another food events happening in October Penang 2018. What is Penang without food? Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo is back by popular demand. So tell your friends and family, bring them along and buy, buy, buy! Taste all the delicious local and unique snacks, stock up your favourite tidbits at amazing prices. It’s a great event to spend your day and have fun together.

Venue: Setia SPICE, Penang.
Time: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
More Info:


#6 [27/9-7/10] Disney Lifestyle Pop Up Store

Who’s a Disney fan here? Disney pop up has finally landed in Penang! You can find tonnes of merchandise from your favourite character. Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Disney princesses and more are up for grab! Every item screams “buy” and they’re all in limited quantity. You can also get your photo printed with Disney printing booth, you get your Disney instax photos instantly! How cute is that?

Venue: Ground Floor, Gurney Plaza, Penang.
Time: 10 a.m-10 p.m.
More Info:


#7 [14/10] USM Mid Autumn Festival

If you think Mid-Autumn Festival is over, that’s not the case at USM. Proudly presenting you the Mid-Autumn ‘Gratitude: Harvest From The Moon’!, it’s more than just mooncakes and bunnies. Throwing their sixth Mid-Autumn festival, USM has prepared tons of activities with includes carnival and cultural night. Learn the history and stories behind Mid-Autumn and get involved in understanding the Chinese culture. Everyone is invited regardless of race and religion to just have fun. USM Mid Autumn Festival is one of the most welcoming events happening in October Penang 2018 run by students.

Venue: Padang Kawad, USM Main Campus, Penang.
Time: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
More Info:

#8 [19-20/10] Carlsberg Oktoberfest

For those of you who didn’t know what Oktoberfest is, it’s an autumn festival celebrated in Germany by drinking of beer. While we’re not here to promote drinking, but the culture. People from all around the world would travel to Germany to celebrate this festival together. You too can celebrate and learn about Oktoberfest at the Malaysia-German Society, hosted by Carlsberg. You can also get your hands on their limited edition Oktobrfest mug. This is no ordinary events happening in October Penang 2018, but rather the men’s way.

Photo by Malaysian Flavours


Credits to EDMDroids

Venue: Malaysia-German Society, Penang.
Time: 7 p.m.-12 a.m.
More Info:



#9 [7/10] Relay For Life

Relay For Life is a community-based campaign that has been running for years to help fight cancer. Each year, many sectors in the community would join this campaign to raise awareness and educate the public. So why not contribute a little, join Relay For Life and support the people in need. Help spread the key messages of cancer to people at factories, workplaces, colleges, and schools. All the funds raised will also go to cancer services to help fight the disease. On that day, survivors get to learn and get pampered by different segments and people from all places.

Photo by Says


Photo Credits: Modern Mavens

Venue: Stadium Olahraga USM, Penang.
Time: 3 p.m.-10 p.m.
More Info:

#10 [6&7/10] Pink October Celebration

Ladies, this is for you. Have you ever checked on your buns whether they’re all good? Don’t assume, because prevention is better than cure. Men, don’t think you’re out of this. If you care for your woman, bring them to Pink October Celebration. The month of October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. In conjunction with that, Gurney Paragon is hosting Pink October Celebration by providing free mammogram, breast ultrasound or health screening. There are also interesting activities and exciting freebies up for grab. So ladies, what are you waiting for? This is one of the events happening in October Penang 2018 just for you.

Venue: Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.
Time: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
More Info:

Bonus: The Jazz Piano Sessions @ Golden Shower by ChinChin

Golden Shower By ChinChin is bringing you one of the most anticipated Jazz events in Penang. Introducing to you, The Jazz Piano Sessions!

The pink lounge will be having Northern Jazz Unit, Tonal Alchemy, Jeep Jazz Band with us on this jazzy night, all are Penang’s finest jazz musicians spanning across various jazz styles and schools.

The event starts on 9 pm till late, 13 Oct 2018!

Read more here.

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