TNB to Replace and Install Smart Meter on All Household Soon

Good day foodies, it’s a brand new week, so let us lighten your day up with some new information. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has recently announced on Facebook that Smart Meter will be installed in every household soon, and that we mean by 2026. With the new Smart Meter, Malaysians will get real-time meter reading and save on electricity.

TNB to Replace Other Meter with Smart Meter on Every Household by 2026:

A government’s initiative, the Smart Meter will enable you to manage your electricity better by monitoring what you are using. Good news is, TNB will replace your current meter with Smart Meter for free!

With the new Smart Meter, it will provide a more accurate bill that allows you to read your daily energy usage. Not only that, the new technology enables you to be more energy efficient, meaning you’ll save more electricity and be more environmentally friendly.

Did you know that we have the myTNB app? Install and pair the app with your current or Smart Meter, it allows you to track and adjust your energy usage on your smart phone. Best part is, you can view your monthly electric bill and pay at anytime, anywhere through the app. No more waiting for abang posmen to drop the physical bill into your post box!


There’s a long list of benefits and features of the new Smart Meter, but what impressed us most is the “limit usage feature.” You can set a limit of your electricity usage on the app and it will notify you when you exceed the limit. You will also get notified if there’s an electricity disconnection due to overdue payment.

Foodies, download the myTNB app on App Store or Play Store now, it’s so convenient (Hello not an ad). Register yourself and explore all the features, they’re applicable on both current and new meter. Don’t forget to tag all your buddies so they’ll get notified on this new system and app. That’s all, stay safe and buh bye!


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