The First Tiger Sugar In Penang Is Opening On The 30th Of August

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After the opening of so many bubble milk tea chains in Penang, have you ever wonder to yourself ‘So, who’s next?’ We do it all the time and today, we’re glad to be announcing that the first-ever Tiger Sugar chain in Penang is finally opening this coming Friday, 30th of August. We got the chance to pay a special visit to the place before they opened, so we’re going to include a little sneak peek down below. Continue reading to check them out!

Tiger Sugar

The First Tiger Sugar In Penang Is Opening On The 30th Of August.

Tiger Sugar

To the Penangites that have never tried Tiger Sugar, you’re lucky that they’re finally here cause you’ve been missing out big time. Let us tell you a little about their signature brown sugar milk and why it has garnered the love of so many people.


Tiger Sugar
Tiger Sugar

Instead of a complicated drink menu, their main focus is straight-forward, they want you to try their Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk With Cream Mousse. It’s oddly satisfying to see how well the brown sugar blends together with the fresh milk to create a smooth and velvety texture. Overall, it’s a life-changing experience you need to live through at least once in your lifetime.

Did you also notice that their signature drink has stripes resembling that of tiger? Thus, the name of ‘Tiger Sugar’ with its ground-breaking catchphrase of ‘Brave as a tiger’. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Here’s how to win yourself a cup of Tiger Sugar.

Tiger Sugar

In celebration of this joyous day, Tiger Sugar has offered to giveaway 50 cups to 50 lucky winners. Go on over to our Instagram to participate in this giveaway!


Tiger Sugar

Before we forget, let’s all participate in this movement in order to help the earth. After all, it’s everyone’s responsibility to do so!

Address: Lot 166 & 168 Hutton Road, Georgetown.

Operation Hour: 11am till midnight

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