Tian Tian Mandarin Oranges Brings You Renewal And Prosperity This CNY

Woohoo! 2020 is finally here and this means in less than a month, Chinese New Year will be here too! And with Chinese New Year ringing in so soon, we’re already thinking about red packets, reunion dinner, CNY cookies and of course, mandarin oranges! And by that, we mean stuffing ourselves with as many mandarin oranges as we can to get into the CNY mood.

Tian Tian: 23 Years Of Making Our CNY A Whole Lot Sweeter

When we think about mandarin oranges, we will immediately think of Tian Tian mandarin oranges because of how they’ve already infused into all of our lives. Admit it, some of us know Tian Tian because they’ve been around for longer than we can actually remember. But how much do you guys actually know about them? Well, today, let’s journey through this generational brand of mandarin oranges. Or, perhaps this is your first time buying mandarin oranges, then you just need to keep reading.

Photo: TianTian

Tian Tian CNY 2020

Tian Tian by Chop Tong Guan was created in 1997 and is more than 23 years, providing every family with boxes of sweet mandarin oranges be it as gifts or perhaps for us to enjoy on our own.

Tian Tian CNY 2020

Tian Tian mandarin oranges are harvested and hand-picked by farmers from only the best orchards in Southern China. So what we often get from Tian Tian are juicy yet sweet mandarin oranges harvested by great care and hard work.

Tian Tian Farm in China

In addition to that, mandarin oranges from Tian Tian are grown in natural environments, making them organically ‘green’ mandarin oranges. When you first peel off the skin from the mandarin oranges, you’ll be greeted by a zesty aroma and peeling each slice of orange from one another is also an easy task. These are tell-tale signs of high-quality mandarin oranges.

Tian Tian CNY 2020

When it comes to buying mandarin oranges for CNY, packaging plays an important role too right? This year, Tian Tian’s packaging features beautiful yet delicate flowers as their theme.

Tian Tian CNY 2020

Incorporating cherry blossoms on their packaging is significant because, with each new year, we definitely hope for some blossoming and renewal in our lives too right?

Tian Tian CNY 2020

One of the classic packaging design of Tian Tian mandarin oranges oversees cherry blossom and buckets of gold near the bottom. This is significant as it represents a sense of renewal and prosperity for this coming Chinese New Year. Be it a renewal or blossoming in any aspects of life, it’s definitely something that we all look forward to as we ring in 2020.

Tian Tian CNY 2020

Some of us might be more familiar with Tian Tian’s classic packaging; which features ‘TianTian 甜甜‘ and a happy, cheerful-looking mandarin orange. This will be available this CNY so it’s time to grab some as it is the definition of nostalgia!

Tian Tian CNY 2020

Premium All-Gold, Classy Tian Tian Packaging

Aside from all the above packaging, there’s also a premium packaging that makes it perfect as gifts for both friends and family. Boasting an all-gold, glossy finishing, it screams classy so loud you can’t resist from getting your hands on them.

Tian Tian CNY 2020

Now, this begs the question, where can we get these mandarin oranges? Well, fear not because we got you covered. Here are the walk-in addresses:

1) BM 大山脚总部- 04 5057711

1148, Jalan Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 4, Taman Perindustrian Bukit Minyak,

14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia.

Tian Tian CNY 2020

2) Penang island 槟城分行- 04 2615044

No. 216, Jalan Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang, Malaysia.

3) Subang Jaya – 03 8025 9044

11, Jalan TP 3, Taman Perindustrian UEP, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

As we’re speaking right now, it’s already time to start giving out mandarin oranges to your loved ones. Be sure to send a box or two of Tian Tian mandarin oranges as a wish of renewal, prosperity and blossoming this coming 2020. Gongxi Gongxi! And as this year’s Tian Tian logo goes, 新春有甜甜,家家过好年! Having Tian Tian mandarin oranges this CNY,  a blessed year awaits you and your family.

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