Tian Tian: The 18 Years Penang Household Mandarin Oranges Perfect For CNY

Is it Chinese New Year yet?

It’s the middle of January already! We know exactly what you’re looking forward to! Chinese New Year, of course! Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals in Malaysia. Seeing all your family members, getting red packets, and stuffing yourself with all the cookies! Not to forget, boxes and boxes of juicy mandarin oranges!

Tian Tian Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges are crucial for Chinese New Year! Why is it important? Basically, giving mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year is wishing others prosperity and happiness! It has been a tradition to exchange mandarin oranges during gatherings. Want to prosper for the year? Keeping them at home and in the office throughout Chinese New Year will do the trick!

Are you buying mandarin oranges for the very first time? Let us help you! You can get the juiciest mandarin oranges from Tian Tian! Tian Tian has been a household name in Malaysia for ages. To be more precise, 18 years! These mandarin oranges are harvested from the best orchards in Southern China.

Tian Tian mandarins are grown without using any chemical products, which is what people essentially refer to as “green products”. The quality of the soil, fertiliser, and management makes it tasty.

It begs the question, how do you define good mandarin oranges? When you peel it, there will be a zesty aroma that exudes from the skin. It will be easy to peel off slices by slices. When you bite into it, there will be a burst of flavour, and juice. Sweetness! It is definitely something you need to eat during Chinese New Year with your family, and friends!

Tian Tian’s Packaging Is As Good As Their Mandarin Oranges!

We need to talk about packaging! If it is something that you’re planning to give out as gifts or to put it at home during Chinese New Year, it must look the part! Tian Tian’s packaging are all so beautiful! They have so many beautiful designs! We simply love the ones with the family gathering prints, it symbolises reunion, the most important thing about Chinese New Year.

Family gathering prints, it symbolises reunion, the most important thing about Chinese New Year

There are also designs for couples. So cute! This one reminds us of Wei Ying Lou and Fuca Fuheng from the hit Chinese drama of 2018, The Story Of Yanxi Palace! The playfulness of the female, the fondness of the male, and their intricate clothing got us thinking about thinking about ’em! Lion dance, money tree, and different kind of flowers are some of their other designs!

The Limited Edition Box Is To Die For!

It is just a figure of expression. The D word is not a good one for Chinese New Year. Don’t say it during gatherings, or else your parents will be chasing you with a slipper on their hands. Back to the limited edition box. Look at the picture! Isn’t it pretty? There are only 500 available nationwide. If you want to make someone feel special, you know what to get ’em!

The golden box comes with super shiny and reflective cherry blossoms. It will look so good on the table with Chinese New Year cookies surrounding it. If you are not able to get your hands on the limited edition box, fret not! There is another similar version with pink colour cherry blossoms too! Are you already making plans to buy them as gifts? ‘Cause we are!

Everybody Needs Tian Tian For Chinese New Year

It is not Chinese New Year without Tian Tian. As we speak, it is a great time to start giving out mandarin oranges to your friends, and family. It is never too early to spread happiness and prosperity! If McDonald’s can roll out Prosperity Burger in December, you can give mandarin oranges now! It is available in major supermarkets in Malaysia!

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