Th贸ng Thai Fusion: This Could Be Your Next Favourite Thai Fusion Restaurant In Penang!

It's A Fun-Thai-Stic Dining Experience

The Thai Food scene in Penang has been on the hike lately as more joints begin to offer saliva-drooling Tom Yam and aromatic green curry with infused spices imported all the way from Thailand.

Today, we’d like to shift your focus away from the bustling Thai Food scene and place your focal point on this brand new kid on the block: Th贸ng Thai Fusion. Our verdict? IT’S-A MUST VISIT!

Recently established in the heart of Georgetown,聽Th贸ng Thai Fusion offers a wide variety of Thai fusion selections that will leave every customer spoiled for choice. The menu includes a number of authentic Thai dishes such as Gaeng Som Fish, Pad See Eu, Green Curry, Pineapple Curry Prawn, fusion dishes like the Braised Tofu, Bitter Gourd Omelette and plenty others.

The owner-cum-chef of Th贸ng Thai Fusion is equipped with 12 years plus of experiences whereby he has a humble beginning firstly as a waiter to kitchen helper, promoted to a Sous Chef and garnered the position as Head Chef in one of the established restaurant in Singapore. He has mastered his culinary skills from Kuala Lumpur and consecutively in Bangkok and then Singapore. Opening Th贸ng Thai Fusion in Penang is a result of the owner’s aspiration to share his Thai fusion delicacies with the people of his beloved hometown, Penang.

Thong Thai Fusion


Nestled in a spacious, comfortable shophouse that aside from serving really good food also serves as an escapade from Penang’s scorching hot weather, the space at聽Th贸ng Thai Fusion spells out airy, comfy and cosy. This Thai food joint is not only spacious but it is also fully air-conditioned, making it the perfect restaurant for patrons from all walks of life (that’s another spot for those of you looking for places to host celebrations of any occasions).

Thong Thai Fusion


If you’re a hardcore fan of all things Thai Food and would also be excited about fusion delicacies,聽Th贸ng Thai Fusion is definitely a place you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Seafood lovers would be highly impressed with the Thai fusion seafood dishes here such as the Steamed Fish with Lime and the Claypot Tang Hoon Prawn. The fish and prawns used to perfect the aforementioned dishes are fresh catches from the sea. Scroll down to read our verdict on the food!

Green Curry Chicken

The must order in this place is indefinitely the fragrant Green Curry with optional meat choices between Chicken or Pork. Not only is the colour vibrant, its smell fragrant and its taste divine but it’s pretty Instagrammable too. This dish has the entire package that would slide them in everyone’s list of favourite food. Trust our take on this, this simple yet conventional dish tastes so delicious that we could end up licking the entire bowl clean.

Thong Thai Fusion

Steamed Fish with Lime

The Steamed Fish with Lime not only utilises fresh Siakap fish but with a home-made recipe of Lime dressing as the gravy to this dish, garnished with cilantro and mint leaves make it a very appetizing one and we just couldn’t stop ourselves from having more of it. The vibrant colour of every element used to perfect this dish is eye-pleasing and complements one another to bring out the entire dish on a whole new level of perfection.

Thong Thai Fusion

Claypot Tang Hoon Prawn

In every Thai Restaurant, Claypot Tang Hoon is a must order which completes an authentic Thai meal. This dish incorporates a generous amount of fresh prawns and fragrant glass noodle (Tang Hoon) cooked in a clay pot garnished with aromatic cilantro. An adequate amount of gravy soaks the glass noodle; making every bite soft and moist. It’s a definite must to pair the glass noodle with the prawns for an ultimate Claypot Tang Hoon experience.

Thong Thai Fusion Penang

Prawn Omelette

Have you guys ever seen Omelette filled with chunks of prawns on the inside? It was our first time tasting this rendition of Omelette as the more common choices are usually plain Omelette and Omelette filled with vegetables. At Th贸ng Thai Fusion, the Prawn Omelette is deep fried with butter until it has a crispy outer layer that, believe it or not, actually melts in your mouth. Who knew just a simple egg could be made into a dish this delicious?

Thong Thai Fusion

Boiled Vegetables with Homemade Sambal Belacan聽

Since we have been going on for some time about protein dishes, let us turn our focus onto green, fibre-rich vegetables that are the epitome of health. This Thai Fusion restaurant doesn’t just serve conventional vegetable dishes such as the Broccoli, Baby Kailan, Kangkong and Brinjal. Their Boiled Vegetables with Homemade Sambal Belacan,聽similar to aUlam (traditional salad) that comes with spicy-laden sambal allows you to savour fresh, earthy vegetables with a strong spicy kick from the sambal. Consisting of cucumber slices, carrots, ladyfingers, lettuce and others, vegetable and spicy lovers should not miss out on this traditional dish.

Thong Thai Fusion

Braised Pork Knuckle with Rice

Th贸ng Thai Fusion also has a special monthly set menu whereby customers can pick from up to 4 options which varies monthly. This monthly set promotion comes with a glass of selected home-made drink, priced at only RM 12.60 nett and is available on weekdays only from 11 AM to 3 PM.

During our visit, we attempted the infamous Thai dish, Braised Pork Knuckle with Rice and if there’s anything that feels en-thai-rely authentic, it has got to be this plate of beauty. With egg that is cooked to perfection, fresh greens as well as braised pork knuckle that has a tenderness which melts at the very first bite, this dish is certainly foodie-approved.

Thai Milk Tea (L), Blue Blue Soda (R)

When it comes to ordering drinks at a place that serves Thai Cuisine, the Thai Milk Tea has got to be on everyone’s list. With a flavour that is milky yet fragrant, a sip of this Thai Milk Tea will transport you over to Thailand, as if you’re sipping on a cup of milk tea in a crowded Thailand night market. On the other hand, the Blue Blue Soda聽may not be common in any Thai cuisine eateries but if you love a pretty, blue, fizzy soda drink that is infused with lemon and decorated with chia seeds, then you’ve got to try this out.

Thong Thai Fusion

Tapioca Cake

Tapioca Cake served by聽Th贸ng Thai Fusion is not only picture-worthy, but they are also pleasing to our palates and tummies. Topped with grated coconut to enhance its flavour, this tapioca cake is saliva-drooling as it consists of 6 tender pieces that upon biting into one, create a warm and fuzzy feeling that brings back plenty of nostalgic childhood memories for those who can relate.

Thong Thai Fusion

Homemade Coconut Ice Cream

Dining at a Thai restaurant wouldn’t be complete without having coconut ice cream to end the entire dining experience on a high note. This simple dessert that has grated peanuts and crunchy sweet corn paired with smooth, homemade coconut ice cream is a delicious thirst quencher that having only one scoop just isn’t enough. Go on and have 3 scoops, we don’t judge.聽馃槈

Address:聽Th贸ng Thai Fusion, 59 Lebuh Cintra Georgetown, 10100 George Town.

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM (Closed on Wednesdays)

This is a non-Halal eatery.

If you’re looking for a Thai fusion cuisine that you could bring your family and friends to, look no further and pay聽Th贸ng Thai Fusion a visit today!

Thong Thai Fusion

Th贸ng Thai Fusion: This Could Be Your Next Favourite Thai Fusion Restaurant!

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